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Monuments, man.

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I earned an accidental achievement recently.  I’m sure, since their introduction into World of Warcraft, everyone has had at least one moment when they’ve been going about their normal activities and suddenly they’ve earned a new achievement that were not actively working towards (or quite possibly even knew about).  For me, the achievement in question was Master of Apexis, which also rewards the player with a monument for the garrison.  We’ve known garrisons would have monuments for players to earn and display about as long as we’ve known garrisons were going to be a part of this expansion.  So, given this surprise, I thought I’d take a look at the various monuments we can earn for our garrisons and see which (if any) may fall into ones lap.

Master of Apexis really does seem to me to be the easiest of the lot to earn (and I’m not just saying that because it was my first).  All one has to do is earn one hundred thousand Apexis crystals.  It sounds like a lot (and it is) but earning Apexis crystals isn’t all that difficult.  We have the daily quests from our garrison that can net us eight hundred or a thousand of them a day, plus any crystals you may pick up from completed work orders, any that are rewarded from a garrison mission.  You’ll pick some up when defending your garrison from invasions, off of various different mobs and bosses, and from clicking on various items scattered around various zones.  Just doing what you would normally do in the game will eventually earn you this monument.  It’s just a matter of time.

master draenor crafter


I would say the next one in line would be the Master Draenor Crafter monument.  All you need to do is craft fifty epic quality items of an item level above six hundred.  Considering some of the other tasks you’re going to be asked to do in order pick up a monument, this really isn’t that bad.  All it asks you to do is make the items.  You don’t have to use them.  If they don’t bind on pick up, send them off to the auction house to make some gold.  Save a few for an alt you’re leveling up.  Or run over to the enchanter’s study, and dust them.

defender of draenor

I’m a little torn on where to put Defender of Draenor on this list.  To earn this monument, one need to rack up five thousand honor kills in Draenor.  It’s that last bit that gets me:  “in Draenor”.  When I’ve PvPed in the past, I’ve preferred battlegrounds (which the last time I checked are mostly not in Draenor).  And being on a PvE server doesn’t help me any.  I suppose there is always the Ashran daily quest for Apexis shards, and if you’re spending any length of time in Ashran anyway (perhaps working on the various quests for the Gladiator’s Sanctum garrison building), you will probably pick this one up without really thinking about it.

Draenor Pet Brawler

I was not sure if I wanted to switch the rankings of Draenor Pet Brawler with Defender.  In the end, I decided that this would be the more difficult monument to earn because it is related to a specific solo activity.  Five thousand honor kills is a lot, but you don’t need to get the killing blow for each and every one of those yourself.  On the other hand, winning two thousand pet battles in Draenor is going to require a serious time investment.  The one good thing going for it is that any pet battle should work, unlike the pet PvP grind needed to earn a Stunted Direhorn.  So instead of needing to figure out what the broken flavor of the month pet team needed to rack up wins is, all one needs to do is figure out the best combo to kill off whatever is crawling around outside the front gates of your garrison.  It’s just going to take a very long time.

mythic draenor raider


But not quite as long as Mythic Draenor Raider.  The achievement for this monument gives you a hit list of the various raid bosses of this expansion that you need to take out on Mythic difficulty.  If you are a member of a mythic raid group, then yes, you will probably earn this one eventually just doing what you normally do.  And you will get to rightfully show this off in your garrison as the hardcore gamer you are.  As for the rest of us, well… I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if we can pick these up a couple of expansions down the line.

king in green

Which brings us to the final monument, and a special case.  This is the most difficult monument to earn in the game due to the technicality that it can’t be earned yet.  The achievement for The King in Green has been named, but hasn’t been put into the game yet.  We don’t even have information about what we need to do.  Seeing as it features Khadgar, does it give us a clue as to the final steps needed to forge our legendary rings?  Or  perhaps it’s a hint of the final raid of the expansion and the evil we will have to defeat?

I guess we’ll all be surprised with that monument in time.



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