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Money money money money



Friday morning’s Breakfast Topic over on BlizzardWatch asked a very simple question:  “Do you have a treasure hunter?”.  For those that may not have noticed (like myself until fairly recently), treasure hunter is a new trait introduced in the latest patch that doubles the gold rewards from follower missions.  To get it, you need to do one of three things.  You can select it as the search option for your weekly recruit from the inn.  You can use a Follower Retraining Certificate on a follower you already have and hope the RNG gods reward you with it randomly. Or, you can go earn the achievement that rewards Harrison Jones as a follower.

Now, do I have a treasure hunter?  Well, yes and no.  I’ve got two garrisons running now.  On my alt, where I still have plenty of space to recruit more followers, I picked one up from the inn not too long ago.  On my main, I don’t have one yet.  I’ve been experimenting with re-rolling a few of my followers that the garrison addon I use has listed as “redundant”.  So far no treasure hunters, but I’ve gotten a new Epic Mount and High Stamina trait out of it.

mission report gold

But then I wonder if I actually need a treasure hunter.  I mean, it’s not a bad trait.  If you work it right, you could earn one thousand gold (or more since the trait is cumulative) off of a single mission.  But given the frequency with which one encounters a rare mission, I’m probably earning a considerable amount of gold already.  If I look at every gold rewarding mission I have before I go to bed, make sure I send off teams that can one hundred percent them all, and then check back in the morning, and I’m probably looking at somewhere between three and five hundred gold from one night.  And that’s not including everything I’m selling; from the various salvage bags and boxes to the mission reward items that are of a lower item level than what my character is currently using.  And I’m not using much gold right now either.  I’m not doing a whole lot of anything in the game right now.  So I’m not spending gold on armor repairs from character deaths, restocking potions and buffs, and other things of that nature.  My biggest splurge recently was picking up some of the heirloom item improvement tokens, and I’ve already made back the cost of one of those after a few days.

I’m thinking that if your goal is to turn your garrison into a gold farm to try and help your character reach the game’s gold cap, you would probably want to pick up a few treasure hunters to fill out your followers.  But if you’re not really worried about making as much gold as you can, you can do without one just fine.


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