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Set It and Forget It

set and forget 01

One of the features of our garrisons is their offline component.  We don’t have to personally oversee every minute of our operations.   If real life gets to busy, we might only need to log on for fifteen minutes or so to collect our earnings and set up the day’s work schedule.  And with the right buildings, even a daily visit may not be necessary.  With a level three Storehouse increasing the production queue, you could take up to six days off from your garrison if you wanted or needed to.

Of course, even a short vacation does have its drawbacks.

set and forget 02

Everyone in our garrisons follows orders to the letter.  It’s just that some get more specific instructions than others.  Our general contractors do the most work and can be left alone for the most part.  We can go to them and say “I want you to make this item until you run out of space to store them” and they’ll do that.  No problem.  It’s our followers where this falls apart.  There isn’t a way to queue them up for work as they become available.  Once they’ve finished that ten, twelve, or twenty-four hour assignment you’ve given them, they’re just going to hang around your garrison until it’s time for the next task.  This is what I think of when I hear people saying they want a garrison mobile app.  I don’t need (or really want) to loot my mine on my phone.  I would be perfectly fine with a command table that I can do the daily assignments from.

And while that’s the major thing limiting our time to get away, it’s not the only thing.

set and forget 03

The herb garden is rather lacking in being self sufficient, as far as work orders go.  If you are not an herbalist, like my characters, then picking the herbs from the garden seems to be the only source for the seeds necessary to start a work order.  Making the rounds of a level three garden, you pick up around thirty or so seeds.  Which is enough to set up a single day’s worth of work orders.  And that’s it.  There appears to be some variance in how many seeds you get, but it’s not enough to allow you to slowly work your way up to a full work order queue.  To get a full queue, you need to save up your seeds and spend them all at once.  And every day you don’t log in is a day’s worth of seeds lost that could be used to keep the garden work orders running.

So that seems to be our window of free time.  Twenty-four hours.  Stay away much longer than that, and your workers that cover your offline hours start to slack.


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