This Old Garrison

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My Motley Crew



My main character still has his inn up and running.  I’m not exactly sure why that’s the case.  I’ve done the various Inn quests.  I could probably use the space for something else.  And yet I keep it open, checking in every Tuesday to see who the headhunter has found this week.  I always pick someone, and then I go over to the command table and deactivate my newest recruit.

Except for this fellow you see above.  I didn’t know there was a chance of getting a Jinyu from the garrison.  I didn’t think I’d actually want a Jinyu follower.  And yet, he popped up, and I looked through my team of level one hundred, purple quality, 650 plus iLvl followers to see which one was the best candidate to bench for this guy.  I ended up sending a Tauren Monk on vacation, and started giving assignments to the new guy.

And that lasted all of one day.  Quite literally the day I after I made this switch, I picked up a Highmaul Raid mission.  And with twenty four highly skilled and equipped individuals ready to jump at my command, I could not manage a one hundred percent success chance for the mission.  Not without that Tauren Monk.  He had the right abilities for the job, but it was his Tauren racial preference trait that actually allowed for a guaranteed successful run.

I like the idea of having a really diverse group of followers.  Not in “making sure I have a several people that can bring an needed threat counter to a mission” way, although I do do that.  I mean actual diversity.  I have a couple of Saberon, a few Arakkoa, and Blook the Ogron working for me.  I loved the fact that my horde character recruited a Draenei, and was amused by the idea of my engineer having a robot follower.  I don’t want my garrison to be filled with nothing but the standard races that belong to my faction.  And yet, it would seem doing so would be the best idea if I wanted to truly min/max my followers’ effectiveness.  To give myself the best chances, I should be deactivating any follower that doesn’t have a race covered by a race preference trait.

Yeah, that’s not going to happen.  I guess I’ll just have to pay for my diversity with gold whenever I have to reactive someone for one more mission.


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