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Sanketsu and The Blademaster’s Necklace.


Earlier this week, I reached the end of the “Garrison Campaign”.  I imagine that I’m not alone in this fact.  Since each step of the story was only unlocked after the weekly maintenance day, I’m guessing that many people have reached this point or will start to reach this point soon.  And for my efforts, I was rewarded with two follower items.  Sanketsu  is an item that will boost a follower’s weapon item rating to 655.  The Blademaster’s Necklace will upgrade any follower to epic quality.  Both of these items are really impressive.

But where were they when I needed them?

When I got these items, I looked at my followers.  I have twenty five active thanks to the appropriate buildings.  All the ones I send off on missions have been steadily upgraded as quickly as possible.  We’re talking a 651 item level minimum and epic quality across the board.  The only followers that aren’t at that point are the ones that have been working most of the time in one of my garrison’s various buildings.  And as far as I can tell, they don’t really need the boost.  I never noticed any output difference based on a follower’s item level, and if the datamined info is correct they’ll be able to work their way up to epic quality via work orders soon enough.

I’m left wondering if Blizzard didn’t quite expect the speed with which some of us improved our followers.  Did they really think people would still need these kinds of improvements by this point?  I mean we’re looking at a system that has a chance to provide players with raid quality gear for players, another source of items needed for the legendary ring quest chain, and at the very least more second roll tokens for raiders.  And I’m someone that spent a couple weeks at the Inn filling in a few gaps in the abilities and traits offered by my followers.  That guy with the epic mount was epic himself in under a week (probably due in no small part to how quickly he can complete missions).

So I guess these items will sit in my bank and wait for a day when they can be used.  Maybe when the legendary follower shows up in the next major patch.  Although, honestly, what kind of “legendary” follower would need both of these items?


One comment on “Sanketsu and The Blademaster’s Necklace.

  1. Nzete
    January 31, 2015

    Personally, I’m still running active recruitment at the inn trying to get followers with multiple racial preferences. I also have a problem with followers getting a lot of “oh look, you learned how to pick herbs – deactive”.

    However, the datamined Blackrock Foundry missions require 7 counters on 3 follower missions. I can do 3 of them at 100% and one at 97%.

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