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6.1 Patch datamined thoughts.


So as I was finishing up last week’s blog post, the 6.1 patch was starting to be deployed to the PTR.  Since then, all of the usual suspects have done their normal data mining, looking for all the interesting bits they could find.  Personally I like that Wowhead actually has a page specifically for the 6.1 garrison changes.  It certainly makes things easier for me as far as providing a link to the important bits I may want to talk about.  And talk I shall.  But before I start…

Spoiler Alert:  Part of what I’m covering may possibly be a spoiler of events to come in the next patch.  If you don’t want to know such information, you may want to pass on reading any further.  

Now then, lets make like Harrison Jones, and dig in.

Something need doing- right now!

It looks like several new items are going to be headed our way that will help us to get various tasks around our garrison done much faster than they currently are being done.  Rush orders allow a player to instantly finish five work orders currently queued up for a specific building.  Which is a step in the right direction as far as I’m concerned.  I’m not sure why Blizzard thought all of our crafting efforts needed to be hamstrung by cool downs.  So anything that reduces the frequency of “Damn, looks like I have to wait until tomorrow to finish this thing” is okay in my book.  And we also may get to look forward to the ultimate mission speed reduction thanks to the Mission Completion Orders.  I’m optimistic but a little worried about this item because of the way it’s currently worded.  The flavor text reads “instantly complete the selected mission in progress”, but the use text reads “Grants a random mission for which you are eligible”.  Random is not a word that is well liked in various parts of the Blizzard community.  If it picks a random mission you have followers on and completes it, it could pick something with thirty minutes left on the clock as easily as one of the eight or ten hour long ones.  Or course, if this is how it works, the easiest way around the problem is to just make sure that there is only one active mission for it to randomly choose from when you use the Mission Completion Orders.

It also looks like we’re going to be getting a few dailies to speed up other aspects of garrison life.  One allows you to trade in iron scraps at the Dwarven Bunker / War Mill for follower gear.  Another for engineers lets them trade in ore for more crafting materials (or primal spirit currency to buy crafting materials).  In general, it just seems like there’s been a big push coming to speed up all of the sit and wait aspects of the garrison.

LFM Raid – My Place

Garrison invasions are going to be kicked up a notch in 6.1.  An new level of success is being added to the invasions, platinum, with appropriate achievements for being that successful in a defense of your garrison.  How successful, you may ask?  Well, we don’t exactly know that yet.  One thousand points is when you earn a gold rank, so above that obviously.  The highest score I’ve ever earned on a defense was one thousand four hundred and four.  So I’ll be the first to say that I hope the platinum score isn’t fifteen hundred.

6.1 will also allow our garrisons to be invaded by world bosses.  Bosses, datamining suggests, have a chance to drop 660 item level gear for players.  I don’t know exactly how I feel about this one yet.  There have been weeks where I’ve had trouble rounding two other people to do a regular invasion (granted, those were during the holidays, but still).  I don’t know how many people Blizzard expects us to invite over for a night of kill the boss.  If the gear drops are correct, we may need a full raid to clear out a world boss invasion.  And if that’s so, and if your guild is not all that active, you may be looking at pugging your home security.  And that hasn’t gone well for me in the past.

Not one, but two well known followers

The identity of the legendary follower has been revealed, and it is… Garona Halforcen.  You may remember Garona from such quests as the time she tried to kill Khadgar, and a quest chain in the later parts of Twilight Highlands.  She comes with the Epic Mount trait to speed up her assignments, as well as a unique trait:  Master Assassin.  Master Assassin is described as “Greatly increases success chance against all targets”.  We won’t know for certain until we get a chance to see her in play, but I would expect that to mean that she gets the equivalent of the Orcslayer or Gronnslayer trait, but for all possible races instead of just one like most.

The other new follower we’re getting is pictured up at the top.  Harrison Jones has a chance to join our garrisons.  Which, has been taken as less than good news by some.  I know of at least one person that is hoping that he gets the miner trait, so he can be assigned to the garrison mines and never be heard from again.  At least as far as the datamining goes, this doesn’t appear to be the case (at least when we pick him up; perhaps he has a chance to gain it upon being leveled to a higher quality than what we get him at).  Personally, I don’t really get the Harrison Jones hate.  I understand that he is a parody character that got a large chunk of a zone devoted to him back in Cataclysm.  But it was a fun set of quests.  As far as things to dislike from Cataclysm, I’ve always felt there was a whole ocean (zone) of bigger fish than Harrison to fry, if you catch my meaning.

Now if any of these things sound interesting, and you’d like to get a chance to try them out before the patch goes to the live servers, you’re in luck.  According to this post from Zorbrix, you can now copy your garrison over to the PTR with your character.  Just follow the instructions provided, and you can see for yourself what you’ll think of the new changes.


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