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To Mod, or Not To Mod



That is the question.  And I think for many players, that answer ends up being yes.  No matter what you do in World of Warcraft, you can find a mod for it.  From my personal experience, I remember having to download a specific set of mods to be allowed to join raids with one guild.  The stealth alert mods were very nice additions both for when I pvped more often than I do now and when I actually had my main character on a pvp realm.  Even now, when I don’t do very much of the big end game activities, I still have things like a battle pet team mod (because I am way to lazy to try to remember which team of pets I used to beat today’s daily challenger at my menagerie).  And of course, I use a mod for my garrison.

My mod of choice has been Master Plan, which can be downloaded from the Curse website.  At first I picked it up because it helped in finishing off follower missions.  Nothing against the little combat animations, but sometimes you just want to know if the mission was a failure without waiting to see that it was your third follower that missed landing a key spell.  I also liked that it would sort your available follower missions by your chance at success based on the followers you currently had available to send off on missions.  Then not to long ago (when I started getting notices that a different mod was out of date while running groups) I updated the mod.  Now it does almost every part of the mission planning itself.  Each available mission has a couple of buttons available, labeled with the success chance for clicking that button.  These buttons can also show you if a specific follower may bring back more rewards in the case of the scavenger trait, or that a different team would have better luck if you just waited a few hours for one follower to return from a mission they’re currently deployed on.

I’m not sure how I feel about this change.  On the plus side, it does speed things up quite a bit.  With just a couple of clicks per mission, your forces are deployed to the field, and you are free to go about your usual routine (either in game or in the real world).  On the other hand, it feels like it takes away a little bit of the game play offered by garrisons in the first place.  And lets be honest, there’s not a large amount of game play found in the garrison to begin with.  Just a few daily quests (the majority of which you could ignore without after a while), the next weekly advancement of the ongoing garrison story line, and perhaps an invasion if you’ve angered the right group.  Granted, assigning followers by hand isn’t much more game play than clicking buttons now.  But I felt more involved in what was going on before.

If you are looking for a mod for follower missions, I would recommend Master Plan.  As for me, right now I think I’m going to stick with it.  After all, if it really does get to a point where I’m not liking what it’s doing, I can just uninstall it.


One comment on “To Mod, or Not To Mod

  1. repgrind
    January 12, 2015

    Oh. You mean, you can click those percentage buttons underneath the title of the mission and it just fills in the followers for you? Huh. I’ve been clicking through to the mission page and assigning my own followers, which, actually, I prefer anyway, but still, it’s nice to know that’s possible for times when I am in a hurry.

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