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As should probably be expected with a new expansion, we’ve seen a number of fixes applied to various parts of the game including garrisons.  Some have been good.  Others have been anywhere from unexpected.  So I thought I’d take a moment to cover some of the ones that have been applied recently and a couple that are coming soon.

Invasions are go!

  • Corrected an issue that was causing progress towards a Garrison invasion to reset each week.

Just going to mention this one briefly, since shortly after writing up a post regarding the lack of invasions they actually fixed the problem.  I’ve managed to see at least one invasion a week for my own garrison, with some of my guild mates having two or three available to them.  Glad to see it’s working now, because they’re rather fun to do.

Level three is easier to achieve!

Many of the achievements needed to purchase the level three plans for specific buildings have had (or are going to have) their requirements reduced.  The trading post, the menagerie, and soon the inn are just some of the examples.  I’m glad to see it happening, but I find it odd that it needed to happen at all.  The trading post stands out in my mind as the best example of this.  Previously, one needed to earn exalted reputation with three Draenor factions.  Seeing as there are only four, and the bonus from having the rank three building was an increase in reputation gains, it felt like there wasn’t much of a reason to even try to upgrade the building.  Now it may actually be worth the effort to get the rep work done.

That outpost was so last month.

And from the “Wait, what?” department, we will soon have reduced costs to switch any of the outposts we established on Draenor while leveling up to the other building option.  I didn’t even know we could do that currently, but the patch notes say that after the next restart the price for doing so will be lowered.  To five thousand gold each for most zones.  If that’s the reduced cost, I’m fairly certain I wouldn’t have made the switch before the change if i had known about it.  And I don’t really see the benefit of making the switch now.  Okay, being able to switch to the armory to be able to call in artillery strikes on Shattrath for the daily quest when it pops up would be nice if a person may be regretting taking the mage tower.  But again, five thousand gold.  I’m not sure I’ve made use of any of the zones’ special ability enough to justify that kind of cost.  Now, making the change will also open up any quests that a player would have been locked out of because of the choice, such as in Gorgrond.  This also means that any followers you would earn from doing those locked out quests would also become available.  But even with that, I’m not sure I could justify the price tag they’re asking for.  We’re talking the same amount of gold it cost to upgrade a garrison from level two to level three.  Just to switch one building.  I’m sorry.  No.  Just no.  Blizzard, since you’re already shown a willingness to lower the price on this, call me when all the zones get to the cost for the Nagrand base switch (which is only five hundred gold) and then maye we’ll talk.

For a complete list of hotfixes, check out this post on the main World of Warcraft site.


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