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It’s quiet. Too quiet.



I’ve fallen into a rut.

I log in at my garrison in the morning.  I collect the night shift’s completed work orders.  I make sure the production queues are filled to capacity.  I go to my mine and collect everything that ‘s spawned.  I gather herbs from the garden.  I see how my followers’ assignments went last night and send them off on new tasks.  I do a few of the important daily quests (the ones that give me resources and shards).

It would be nice to have something to break that up.  An attack against my garrison perhaps?  An invasion, if you will?  I mean, my character has played a part in some fairly major events that have occurred since the armies of Azeroth have made their way to Draenor.  One would think someone would have tried to strike at my base of operations by now.  Well, okay.  That one group did not too long after setting up camp.  Was the defeat my forces handed them that severe that I scared away all the other enemies that would like to see me dead?

Who knows?  There have been attempts to clarify what’s going on, but they’re really vague.  This post on the official forums tries to explain how the garrison invasions are supposed to work, but seems more concerned with detailing how the events work once they’ve been triggered rather than how to start one.  The invasion guide over on Wowhead does a better job of explaining that each of the different level one hundred zones you can get sent to for the daily shard quest is connected to a invasion force that can attack you.  But no one, as far as I’ve been able to find, has explained how the trigger gets triggered.  “Organically” is not a good description of how the tech is supposed to work.  My brain has come up with two options, and neither one is really pleasant.    One is that we’re dealing with a negative reputation grind.  Which means our best bet for a trigger is to pick our favorite spot and kill things like there’s no tomorrow (regardless of if it’s one of two randomly selected daily spots).  I would hope that after all the flack Blizzard took for the reputation locked content last expansion that they wouldn’t make that same mistake so soon.  Which leaves me with the second theory.  That we’re at the mercy of the same random system that distributes loot and mounts.  It’s possible that only specific mobs in a zone have a chance of triggering an invasion when we kill them, and even then the chance of it happening is low.  I mean, how many of us have shown up every week for a raid and never see the item we want drop from the boss.

It’s frustrating that what sounds like could be a weekly event (given how often the loot levels for finishing an invasion reset) doesn’t seem to trigger on a weekly basis.



3 comments on “It’s quiet. Too quiet.

  1. Nzete
    December 2, 2014

    It seems like “two days worth of apexis dailies at the same spot” is roughly the amount of grinding needed to trigger a garrison invasion. If you want to trigger an invasion, do wander around to different dailies. Do the same one until you get an invasion. Unclear if the “hate” from the potential invading resources decays over time or resets at the weekly reset.

    • Rob Voila
      December 2, 2014

      Maybe for group daily spots. I know I’ve done most of the Frost Ridge solo spots at least twice.
      Then again, I don’t know if those occasions have been during the same week. And as you said, we don’t know if “hate” decays or resets.
      Right now, I’m not asking Blizzard to lower the threshold to trigger an invasion. I just want more transparency about how the system works.

  2. Rob Voila
    December 5, 2014

    Looking at the hotfixes, it would seem there was a bug that was supposedly fixed this past Tuesday (Dec 2nd):

    “Corrected an issue that was causing progress towards a Garrison invasion to reset each week.”

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