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Resource starved



Well, it’s been a week.  It had its ups and downs, including the servers.  Things seem to have settled down at the moment, so hopefully everyone has had a chance to get in and experience the expansion.

My experience had me running into a little bit of a problem at times.  On a few occasions, I ran out of resources for my garrison.  It’s surprisingly easy to do, really.  You want to fill up every open building spot and upgrade them as quickly as possible, and then suddenly you can’t send out any more followers off on missions because you’ve drained our bank.  Maybe it was a little easier for me to fall into this trap because I have this feeling like resources were much easier to come by during the beta, so I could get away with spending left and right.  In any event, I don’t think I’m alone in this.  So lets see what we can do about getting our hands on every precious resource we can.

Lumber Mill vs. Trading Post

Honestly, if I had to point at anything I did and say “this is where I made a mistake” it would be here.  Just about every garrison guide out there looked at what building you would want to have in your first available medium plot said that the lumber mill was the best choice.  And silly me, I went with the trading post.  My fear was that with everyone being pointed at the lumber mill, the actual number of trees to cut down in the world would be limited.  It would end up being like trying to gather ore or herbs in previous expansions, with every farmer circling in the “best” zone, trying to ninja a tree before anyone else can get to it.  I thought I was being smart by going with the trading post.  In theory, all of the resources I need for work orders could come from my garrison itself.  The problem with that theory is that my need didn’t match my output.  I had a few days where the Trading Post was open, but I couldn’t fill an order because I didn’t have the right crafting material.  Your mine opens up at level ninety-two, but your farm doesn’t open until level ninety-six.  So there I was, needing herbs that my character wasn’t going to get without visiting the auction house.

That doesn’t mean that I think the trading post is a bad choice for a resource generating building in your garrison.  Once you’ve got the materials to feed it, it works beautifully.  But I wouldn’t choose it for your first character.  I think it would make a good alternative for same faction alts you may have.  Crafting materials gathered from your main character’s garrison can be used to get your alt’s resource generation going as soon as possible.

Hope you like mounts

Surprisingly, the stables can be quite a resource generator in it’s own right.  So far as I’ve used it, every quest I’ve gotten from the stables has provided some garrison resources.  The starting quests to capture each of the six different animal types you can turn into a mount rewards the player with fifty resources when turned in.  And the daily training quests each reward twenty resources.  So you’re looking at three hundred resources from the starting quests, and one hundred twenty resources from the daily quests.  Also,  it’s a small starting investment.  You don’t need to upgrade the stables past level one to get these benefits.  The down side is that I don’t think it will last forever.  I doubt you’ll still get quests and resources from them once you’ve done enough training to get the actual mounts from the stables.  And the training quests are a little unfriendly to hunters, since for some strange reason mounting a training animal dismisses your pet and won’t allow you to summon it back until you dismount.  Still, it’s a nice stop gap.

Resource missions are good.  Scavengers are better.



Another source of for resources are follower missions.  If you’re completely out of resources, don’t worry.  These missions don’t appear to cost any resources to start.  Now, while they don’t seem to reward very much, there are ways to increase their output.  If you have a follower with the Scavenger trait, send them on the mission.


As you can see, the Scavenger trait will triple the resources you collect from a successful mission.  A fifty-one percent chance of success may seem a little low, but I feel like this is a no lose situation for me.  Even if the mission fails, you haven’t lost any resources in trying it, and the follower is going to get experience either way.

Treasure Hunting.

treasure hunting

Lastly, you have the option to search out all the various rare mobs and treasure spots in Draenor.  This entire new world does feel a little like one big Timeless Isle.  Scattered all over every zone are rare mobs that will reward the player(s) that defeat them with small amounts of resources.  And there are also numerous hidden treasures to find, many of which are garrison resource caches.  I’m not sure I would advise anyone to go out and actively hunt these down as a resource gathering method.  It’s much easier to do just while naturally questing.  When you see something pop up on your mini map, you can take a few minutes to go collect what you’ve found, and then go back to questing.  If however you do want to dig up all the treasures,  Blizzard has made things a little easier.  In the faction cities of Ashran, there is a vendor that will sell you a treasure map for the a zone once you’ve completed the plot quests located there.  Grakis is the person you need to look for in Stormshield if you play alliance.  Srikka is waiting for horde players in Warspear.  It’s one hundred gold per zone map, but you can probably make that money back off of some of the vendor trash items and gear that’s not useful to your class.

Now there’s one more way to gain resources, but it’s an inactive one.  Your garrison will generate resources slowly over time without you doing anything.  So if you run out of resources, take a break.  Play an alt, play another game, get something to eat, take a nap.  Eventually, you’ll have more resources to play with.  Remember, being able to set your garrison running for times when you’re not going to be at your computer is part of this new feature.  Take advantage of it from time to time.






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