This Old Garrison

Looking forward to our new "Home" in Azeroth. Regular updates on Saturday.

It’s here.



The expansion is live!  Go!  Go now!  Choose buildings!  Recruit followers!  Send them on missions!  Go!

Or on the off chance you’ve found your way here during a period of time while the game is down or while you’re waiting in line to get in, take a look around.  Enjoy.

In other words, the game has been live for less than a week, so I’m not going to have much to post up that I haven’t already covered.  Please forgive me the couple of weeks in a row where I’ve been less than active here.  I promise, barring any major event in reality, that I will have something new to cover regarding garrisons by next week.

Thanks again for stopping by.  Have fun folks.  And remember, all the people that play this game and have worked/ are working on it are just that:  People.  Be nice.


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