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Eighteen Weeks in – The Final Countdown

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Seems a bit odd to be counting the weeks the beta has been live when at this point it would be smaller number to count the weeks remaining until the launch of Warlords.  In a little under two weeks, everyone will be exploring the world and setting up their own homes away from home.  That also means that we have a little under two weeks to get an idea of how exactly we’re going to set up our garrisons.  If you haven’t experimented with Wowhead’s garrison calculator, I would highly recommend doing so.  It’s a great way to get an idea of what you want to build before you spend gold and resources on constructing a building you don’t actually want.

As for me, here’s what I’m thinking.

Level One: The Basics.

g lvl 1

Doing the intro quests are basically going to set up everyone’s initial garrison lay out.  No real reason to try and plan to do differently.  As part of the tutorial that explains how to construct buildings in your garrison, you will create a barracks.  And I’m thinking I’m going to keep it for a while.  Supposedly having it allows a player access to patrol missions for your followers, which should give better experience rewards, and allow you to level them up faster.  Seeing as some of the level three building plans only unlock once you have twenty followers reach the level cap, I think keeping the barracks around will be helpful in getting that done quicker.

I’ll admit that I don’t know all the ins and outs of how the small building system is going to work.  From my experience, playing on characters that had one crafting profession and one gathering profession, I only ever received one quest to set up a profession building.  And that works for my characters on the live servers, where they all have a crafting profession and the gathering profession most likely to help with crafting.  If your main character has double gathering professions or double crafting professions, I don’t know what to tell you to expect.  Actually, I would be curious to hear how those situations turn out, so if that’s how your characters are set up, leave me a comment some time and let me know how things went once the expansion went live.

Level Two: Preparing for the Future.

g lvl 2

The second stage of our garrisons is also going to have a number of buildings that are automatic choices really.  This is when we start getting all of the buildings with specific plots of land set aside for them:  the mine, the farm, the fishing shack.  I don’t recall them having a resource cost to set up their basic level.  If there is one, it’s probably on the cheap side to do so.  All I remember was needing to finish a quest for each of the buildings.

I’m thinking the best choice for the medium building plot at this point is either going to be the lumber mill or the trading post.  I want to get a building that is going to speed up resource generation early so I can start building up a stockpile before I need it.  Both have their ups and downs.  The trading post should work alright in conjunction with the other buildings in your garrison.  If you don’t have a way to use the ore from your mine or the herbs from your farm, there’s a chance you could turn it into resources.  But as far as I can tell it’s a chance.  One day it may want a specific type of herb, the next day a different one, the day after a specific type of ore.  Depending upon our stockpile of resources, you may miss out on some work orders every now and then.  Plus the higher level bonuses don’t really impress me (I have bank alts if I have need of an auctioneer, and you can only earn the bonus to reputation gains after you’ve completed most of the reputations in the expansion at the start).  The lumber mill feels more consistent, but you need to go farm up materials from around Draenor to get it to work.  If enough people go the lumber mill route, that may be harder than it sounds.  I know I’m going to go with one of those two, but I don’t know if I’ll know for certain which it will be until construction is about to begin.

The second small building is the harder choice.  I think I want to set up a salvage yard, but I don’t think that’s an early option.  The storehouse doesn’t seem like a great investment.  I can head back to a capital city if I need a bank, void storage, or transmog access.  I leaning towards a second profession building, but I’m not sure which one to go with.  I think I would need a closer look at what each of the buildings can offer to someone that doesn’t have the profession they represent.

Level Three:  Getting to work.

g lvl 3

My second medium building is going to be the inn.  I’m likely to be running dungeons every day to gear up my character anyway, so an extra quest doesn’t seem like a bad idea.  But I’m more interested in the ability to recruit followers.  I really want to assemble a nice team where I’ve got a few followers that are capable of dealing with every possible mission threat.  I hopefully will get a nice core group from questing and such, but I want to have some way to fill in any unexpected gaps I may come across.

My second large building, as odd a choice as it may seem, is going to probably be the stables.  There are other buildings that I would place greater value on, but I won’t need any of them right away.  A fully leveled armory will give me a free loot roll token for raids, but I need to level twenty followers to the level cap first before I have access to the plans for the final upgrade.  So while I’m waiting for other tasks to finish, I don’t see a problem in setting up a temporary building and collecting a few mounts.


It’s hard to say.  I could see situations where I could cycle through most of the different options offered at the different levels.  Once I’ve geared up, I may switch out the profession buildings that help my class the most for ones that will allow me to pick up a pet or two.  Once I’ve gotten the mounts, the stable is going to be replaced by something else.  And once my follower army has reached the level cap, the barracks may go away with it.  Out of all the choices, my medium buildings seem the most likely to survive the longest.  I don’t think I’m ever going to run a garrison without some resource generation.  And they say the highest level inn offers lucrative follower missions.  I guess I’ll just have to wait and see just how lucrative we’re talking.


2 comments on “Eighteen Weeks in – The Final Countdown

  1. Nzete
    November 4, 2014

    A character with two crafting professions will receive two items to be begin a quest from the questline in Embaari Village (or whatever the horde part is). You do the quests for the “skill to 700” scroll and the level one blueprints scroll. You then have to choose which to build first if you complete them before you get to garrison level 2 available.

    Non-alchemists can make potions and level 1 flasks with a hut.
    Non-scribes can make Darkmoon carbs with a hut.
    Non-engineers can make lots of tinkers and quality of life items with a hut.
    Non-enchanters can disenchant with a hut (or a groupmate’s hut) and make some of the enchants (not weapons).

    I didn’t really look at the armour professions.

    • Rob Voila
      November 4, 2014

      The two crafting professions get a choice of two buildings to set up makes sense. I just didn’t want to say that was how it worked as I didn’t actually have first hand experience that that is how it would work.

      I did take a brief look at one of the armor crafting professions. I wasn’t really impressed by it because quest reward gear was better than anything it allowed me to craft. Or at least, the quest gear I was using was better than what I could craft by the time I set up the armor crafting hut.

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