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Sixteen Weeks in – Drov the Ruiner and Rukhmar


It’s getting closer folks.  In under a month, the expansion will be in everyone’s hands.  And just this past week, the expansion pre-patch hit the live servers.  Which… ate up some of the time I would normally spend on the beta.  So, we’re going to focus on one little thing this week:  Bonus Roll currency.

Introduced in Mists, Bonus Roll currency gave players an extra chance at loot off of bosses they were able to defeat in the various raids we went on during the expansion.  Getting the currency was easy.  Once a week, you headed to your faction’s shrine and traded in some of those lesser charms you picked up everywhere to get three bonus rolls.  The name of the currency changed with the addition of every new raid tier, but the effect was the same.  For Warlords, the name of the currency for the first raid tier is going to be called the Seal of Tempered Fate, and it’s distribution is going to be changing a little bit.  Instead of one quest handing out a weekly allowance of three Seals, there will be various different things that will reward the player with just one.  It will be up to the player to go around and collect as many as they can.  We’ve already briefly mentioned one way of earning a Seal before.  If you construct a Dwarven Bunker (or War Mill, depending on your faction), and upgrade the building to level three, all you have to do is walk in and collect one Seal a week.  A second method is by completing a rare follower mission.

the ruiner

Drov the Ruiner is one of at least two follower missions that will reward the player with a Seal, the other one being Rukhmar.  They are, more or less the same mission.  They are both level one hundred missions, both rare, and both require twenty-five resources to start.  The difference comes in the abilities you’ll need to counter.  Both missions have Group Damage to deal with, but Drov has Massive Strike and Damage Zones, while Rukhmar  brings Wild Aggression and Minion Swarms.  So if you want to be doing these missions as often as they pop up for your character, you’ll want to be looking for a nice set of followers that can counter these abilities.

kala not ready

The other thing you’ll probably want to do, is make sure that those followers that can counter the mission abilities are leveled up.  Unfortunately for me, I got caught with my pants down.  Ka’la has the Evasion ability, which should counter Drov’s Massive Strike.  However, since she’s only level ninety-three and is red for the mission, her ability doesn’t actually seem to be working.  This is something I didn’t know could happen until today.  I would point out that the quality of the follower doesn’t matter as much as the set of abilities they have and if they can be used.  I received the same increase in chance percentage from Lantresor that I received from Tuulani.  A level ninety-nine follower with a countering ability gave me a twenty-two percent chance of success increase, regardless of if they were epic or uncommon quality.

So for next week, I think I’m going to go through see if I can’t compile some kind of ability and counter list for followers.


2 comments on “Sixteen Weeks in – Drov the Ruiner and Rukhmar

  1. wowstorylines
    October 18, 2014

    Thank you for the information, that was indeed very helpful – really kind of filled in a few gaps for me.

  2. Nzete
    October 20, 2014

    Some abilities are always on certain followers. Some followers just roll one of several class specific abilities. At 100, when you level an uncommon follower to rare or rare to epic, the added abilities and traits are random as well.

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