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Fifteen Weeks in – Going on the Offensive

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I think it may be time we take a moment to talk about a difficult subject.  Something we don’t like to talk about.  No, wait, that’s not right.  Something we aren’t fond of doing, and we’ll tell anyone who will listen about that fact.


Having finally leveled a character to one hundred in the beta, I unlocked the strategic assaults daily quests.  Completing one of these quests rewards the player the Apexis Crystals, which can be used to purchase various different things, from pets and mounts to gear and weekly reroll tokens.  So I thought I’d take this week to share my brief experiences so far with these quests, to give an idea of what is to come.

A friendly reminder:  this is beta.  As close as we are to the launch of the game, things could still between now and then.  So what I’m saying now may not match up once the game goes live.

strat assault choice

Every day, you will receive a new set of daily quests to choose from at a table located in your garrison’s town hall.  From what I’ve seen so far, these quests will be the same for every character on your account for that day.  So if you’re playing both Horde and Alliance characters at max level, they will both get the same option of where to go.  On the plus side, if the choice between the two quests is the same for all players across all servers, finding a group to do the group version of the quest should be easy.  On the minus side, you may end up with a large number of people all crowding into the same area and fighting for mobs.  It’s important to remember that you need to turn the quest in on the day you take it.  The quest you choose will not remain in your quest log if you leave it to do on the next day.  Or at the very least, the quest I picked up just before the servers were taken down for a new patch was not in my log the next time I was able to play.


There will be three types of quest available.  They are the solo, the group, and the pvp quest.  Every day, you will get to choose between two offered quests.  The solo quest option is available every day.  The other option will vary between the group and pvp choices.  From my own experience, over the course of three days, I saw two days of group options and one day of the pvp option.  Due to my schedule and beta servers being up and down for patches, I’ve only been able to try the solo and pvp options so far.  The solos I’ve done have taken place in Nagrand and in the Spires of Arak.  The thing they reminded me the most of were the Nephalem Rifts found in the Reaper of Souls expansion for Diablo 3.  You are sent to a specific area in a zone, and anything you kill or interact with in that area fills in a percentage of a progress bar.  Once you’ve gotten that bar to one hundred percent, your quest is complete.  For me, this was much easier to do in the Nagrand zone.  Every mob I killed, every chest I opened, and and every sparkly item I clicked on that gave me a buff of some kind gave me some progress towards filling the bar.  In Arak… not so much.  It looked like there was only one thing I was doing that was helping to fill the progress bar.  It was doable, but it was taking a while.  And I fear it may take even longer with a larger number of people fighting over the area.

WowB-64 2014-10-10 14-35-07-86

Now, I know some people probably dislike pvp more than they dislike doing daily quests.  But hear me out.  The one pvp strategic assault I did was possibly the easiest of the bunch to do.  How easy you may ask?  I would say it’s about on par with going to Alterac Valley and picking up one armor scrap. The quest sent me to Ashran, and asked me to collect one artifact, which is the currency of the zone.  I found a big group of my faction and followed them around for a few minutes attacking enemy forces, and when I went to see if I had gotten what I had needed, I had picked up seventeen of the things.  I know that there are probably going to be some people that are vehemently opposed to doing pvp that will be upset on days when the pvp option shows up instead of a pve group quest.  But I would highly suggest giving it a shot at least once.  It was by far the quickest of the options I have tried so far.

Hopefully, my schedule and random chance will give me the opportunity to try the option I missed this week.


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