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Thirteen Weeks in – From the Top.

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This past Thursday, Blizzard released the second of their Garrison Preview blog posts.  Early on, it raised a question for me that I think they missed answering.  I decided to go into the beta to see if I could figure out the missing information by starting a new character.  And in playing around with the new character, I ran across a number of changes that have been made since my last pass through, not all of which I’m thrilled about.

When do we get the blueprints?

In Blizzard’s blog post, they do a fairly good job of spelling out when a player should get access to each set of building blue prints.  But I felt they were a little vague as to when we get the level one blueprints.  They say “…when your Garrison reaches Tier 2.”  Well, when is that exactly.  One quick trip to the beta, and we have an answer:

great hall upgrade


This looks to match up with how they were saying the level two blue prints would unlock.  Progression (either through the story, or just by leveling up your character) will eventually unlock all of the level one blue prints.  From my experience, following the quest lines in the starting zone got it done faster.  I don’t think I had reached level ninety-three yet, but by the time I got the bread crumb quest telling me to go to talk to a character in the next zone I had also gotten the quest to upgrade my garrison.  Which means you could, in theory, start construction on your first medium building before you leave your starting zone.

Economics of Resources.

I say in theory, because while it is possible to do, it’s rather difficult if you’re not careful.  I think Blizzard has reduced the amount of Garrison Resources a player earns rather dramatically.  Bringing down a world boss used to provide the player with about as many resources as one would get from turning in a quest, some where in the twenties or thirties if I’m remembering right. That amount seems to have been cut in half.  You may earn somewhere in the high teens if you’re lucky.  And because I wasn’t paying attention early on, and was sending followers off on missions as often as I could, I was cutting into my resources.  In the end, I was just barely able to get the three hundred Garrison Resources I needed to start construction on a medium building, but I had cleared every inch of the zone my low level character had access to in order to do it.  And that medium building was obviously going to be a lumber mill.  Unless Blizzard goes through and either increases the amount of resources the players are awarded from quests and world events, or starts lowering the prices on construction, I get the feeling the lumber mill is going to be a must have building to avoid going broke.

Outpost choices don’t matter.

Another thing I noticed while going through all of this was that there is no longer a tie between the outposts you construct in the various zones of Draenor and your garrison.  When you raise your garrison to tier two, you get all of the level one blue prints.  Choosing between the two buildings offered at each zone outpost doesn’t unlock a new set of blue prints for your character.  It doesn’t give you the level two blue prints for the structure you’re choosing.  Even if it did, all you have to do is wait a few levels or until you complete a specific zone to get the blue prints anyway.  It didn’t appear to give me a resource discount on the structure when I went back to my garrison to build it.  So the choice of the outpost building really comes down two things now.  The garrison ability for the zone and which set of missions you would rather do.  I for one am really happy to see this change.

Other odds and ends.

follower tab

I’m loving the follower tab on the mini map garrison button.  Now when I come across an event in the game where I can choose which follower joins my garrison, I can not only look up the stats of the offered followers, but I can look up the stats of the followers I have already as well.  It may only show me the most basic version of the follower, but that’s good enough for me. I’m just happy that I can now have easy access to information that can allow me to pick someone that has a mission ability I may be lacking.

Also, in my desperate search for resources, I triggered a garrison invasion when one was offered.  And it went much better than it did the last time I tried one with a character on the low end of the expansion’s level cap increase.  Enemy forces were of an equal level to my character and the only elite I encountered was final boss of the attack.  Now, I don’t know if that was just because it was the first one, and it had been lowered to give the player a chance to see what the experience will be like later on.  I am hopeful that it isn’t a one time only thing, and that it will scale with the level of the players as they advance through the expansion.  And I am looking forward to the next invasion to see if my hopes are correct.

Now, all of this post was based off of my experience with the patch that was on the server as of the twenty-fifth of September.  As of the time I wrote this post, the beta servers had been taken down, and Blizzard is planning to release a new build of the beta.  Which means there’s a chance that what I’ve written up just now will be incorrect by the time this post goes live.  So just keep that in mind, and don’t judge me too harshly if something changes.  It is a beta after all.


One comment on “Thirteen Weeks in – From the Top.

  1. Nzete
    September 28, 2014

    Any chance of looking at how assigning followers to a building affects things? What does a follower do for work orders and what are the “unique benefits” for each building having a follower working there?

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