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Garrison Cinematics

This week’s been a bit of a wreck.  Between work, tech issues, the various normal ups and downs of a game in beta, and a few other random odds and ends, I was unable spend any time in the beta this week.

Lucky for me, Blizzard gave me something to work with yesterday.  On the official World of Warcraft page, an article was posted containing several cinematics that are going to be included in the game.  Among them, was one video for each faction showing each of the cinematics that will play when we level up our garrisons.  They are the bottom two videos on the page, and are tagged as spoilers for the expansion like the other videos present (which actually show major plot developments that occur during game play).  I can certainly see why they chose to do that.  If you don’t want to be spoiled about anything in the expansion, then having warnings in front of even the smallest bit of info is a good thing.  I personally don’t think the garrison videos spoil anything in regards to a plot line.

As far as the videos themselves go, I liked them.  I think I see what they were going for, and I think they pulled it off.  If there is one issue that may pop up, it’s that there may be an… inequality between the factions and who shows up in their videos.  It works in relation to the story of the expansion, but someone somewhere may see bias where I don’t think there was any intended.

So check them out if you’re so inclined.  And hopefully next week I’ll be back with something more substantial.


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