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Eleven Weeks in – Building Perks

So last week, we covered how to get the plans for the various garrison buildings all the way up to level three.  This week, we’ll go into why you may want to do that.

Large Buildings

In a third level garrison, a player will only have room for two large buildings out of the five possible offered.



The barracks seems heavily focused on garrison play itself.  Two of the three perks it offers are connected to your followers (increasing the number of them you can have and potentially giving you access to missions that will level them up faster).  The other perk, having a bodyguard, I’ve only had a brief experience with.  It feels like some of those old quests where an npc comes along to help you with your objectives.  The good ones, where the npc is competent and actually does help out.  It may be useful for questing, but somehow I doubt we’ll get to see our bodyguards helping out in any instanced activity such as dungeons or raiding (and as they’re only good in Draenor zones, I wouldn’t expect them to show up in Warsong Gulch or the Ruins of Lordaeron arena).  The main usefulness one could get out of this building may be in helping a player to unlock a different set of level three plans.


The armory (aka Dwarven Bunker, aka War Mill) is probably going to be seen in many a raider’s garrison.  In Mists, once a week players could complete a quest to turn in lesser charms of good fortune for three bonus loot rolls on raid quality bosses.  It looks like that’s getting changed this time around.  For Warlords, the bonus rolls will stay, but how we get them changes.  Players will still be limited to getting three a week, but you have to buy each one individually.  Each method of purchase requires a different type of currency.  You can buy one with gold, you can buy another with honor points, you can buy a third with garrison resources.  The reason why the armory is going to see so much love is because hands out a free bonus roll.  Sure, you have to go through the process of unlocking the third level perk and upgrading the structure to that point, but once you’ve done so it’s a free roll every week.  Increasing your chance of a quest reward piece of gear being upgraded in quality when awarded and access to some transmog items are nice, but they aren’t going to keep a building around long term.



The workshop (aka Gnomish Gearworks, aka Goblin Workshop) is really random, which is rather appropriate I guess.  Having it gives a player access to a number of inventions they can use.  Unfortunately, it’s very limited.  The invention of the day is random.  So it’s not like you can plan for always having your favorite invention at your disposal.  On the plus side, some of these inventions do offer limited access to flying (in that you can either fly for a minute duration or you can fake it via being launched skyward and floating back to the ground on a glider).  As for the siege vehicle offered at level three?  Again I wonder how useful that may be for some people.  Depending on what they can do, we may see them deployed against a world boss or maybe in the world pvp zone.  The one thing the siege vehicle may have going for it is that it may not be as random as the rest of this building’s offerings.

mage tower

The mage tower (aka Spirit Lodge) gives you one thing and one thing only.  You can use it to establish portals between your garrison and the other zones of Draenor.  So while you can’t move your garrison around the world anymore, and set up camp in your favorite zone or on the doorstep of the raid you’re currently working on, those places are just one portal away.  I can’t imagine the building will be widely popular, but I think it will be seen in more than a few garrisons.  Your entire raid team doesn’t need a mage tower, but your raid leader may have one to make transporting the group around from raid to raid as easy as inviting people into his or her garrison.


The stables seem like they’ll be great for mat farmers.  An increased mount speed combined with not needing to dismount to interact with objects?  Zones are going to be well and truly picked clean of all resources.  In theory, at any rate (I’m not able to confirm that this is how it works currently as it looks like resource nodes aren’t working in the current build).  Stables will probably also see a home in the garrison of any mount collector (at least until all the mounts it offers are captured).

Medium Buildings

Just like the large buildings, players can choose two buildings from the list of five possible.

2 trading post

The trading post has a little potential.  I’ll admit to on occasion being a few materials short to make something and not being able to get what I need to finish.  The level one perk here should help with that.  The other two I’m not sure about.  Collectors may want to reach level two to gain access to the pets and mounts sold by the faction vendors.  The twenty percent bonus to reputation gains granted by the level three perk seems nice at first, until you realize you need to reach exalted with three Draenor factions first.  It will definitely help with reputation grinding, but I’m not sure at this point how important it is to reach exalted with various groups this time around.

2 barn


The barn is for crafting.  It’s biggest value is probably going to come from the level two perk providing mats for buffing foods.  The level three perk may be nice early on in the expansion, but will probably lose some of it’s appeal after the player base has a raid tier under its belt.  Collectors may also want to have a barn for a little while, as it’s supposedly the source of at least one pet.

2 gladiator sanctum

The gladiator’s sanctum is pretty much the pvp building of the garrison, but it does try to offer something for everyone.  Increased regeneration, safe fall, and underwater breathing are nice regardless of what you’re trying to kill out in the world.  But I doubt you’ll see many pve focused players working on unlocking the level three damage reduction perk.  I think the people most likely to keep this building in their garrison are those that will live in the world pvp zone while waiting on their battleground or arena queues to pop.

2 lumber mill

The lumber mill gives everyone a new profession without actually creating a new profession.  Having the building will allow the player gather timber from trees around Draenor.  The higher the level of your lumber mill, the larger the tree you can harvest.  Bigger trees mean more timber, which you use for the lumber mill’s work orders.  And it’s the work orders that produce garrison resources.  This one feels underwhelming when you consider it on its own.  But you can use garrison resources to buy a bonus loot roll every week.  You can use them to buy crafting materials from the trading post.  You’re going to need resources to build and upgrade every building you construct in your garrison.  I think people are going to love or hate this building based on how much effort they have to put into farming the timber needed to get it to work.

2 inn


The inn (aka Lunarfall Inn, aka Frostwall Tavern)  feels a little like the barracks.  It seems mostly focused on improving playing in your garrison.  It unlocks a new type of mission for your followers to go on and gives the player a way to fill in gaps in follower abilities that they may encounter while playing through the game.  The level one perk seems to be the exception to this, in that it gives the player access to quests similar to the dungeon quests offered in Dalaran during Wrath.  I think the long term prospects of this building are going to depend on just how “lucrative” the Treasure Hunt missions may end up being.  Or if people see it as a way some kind of money with very little effort.

Small Buildings

A fully upgraded garrison has room for three small buildings out of ten possible choices.

3 profession


The profession buildings sound like they are going to be most useful to people that already have the profession in question.  My understanding (which could be wrong) is that if you have a profession, the matching small building will be where you can learn all the various new things you can create in the expansion.  If you don’t have the profession, you’re limited in what you can do.  From what I’ve seen, completing work orders for a profession you don’t have rewards you with a special currency for that building, which you can use to buy from a limited set of items.  So if you’re not an alchemist, but set up an alchemy lab, you can do work orders to buy various potions which may not be as good as if you did the work yourself.  Almost all of the profession buildings that I’ve set up seem to work exactly the same as the others, with the one exception being that the enchanter’s study seems to allow anyone to disenchant items.

3 storehouse

The Storehouse is all about access.  Access to your bank, to your guild bank, to your void storage, and to being able to do transmog.  It also increases the number of active work orders your buildings can do, but that doesn’t feel all that important at the moment.  Right now, the turn around on work orders are really quick.  If I fill up the work queue at a building and want to do more than I’m currently allowed, it’s not that big of a deal to wait until the current job is done to ask for more.  If that changes, and it starts to take hours or days to do a work order, then it may be more important to have as big a queue as possible.  You know, so you don’t waste a day by forgetting to log on and start the next set.

3 salvage

I was not very impressed with the salvage yard.  The quest that it gives you when you first set it up asks the player to go through some salvage to see if there was anything useful in it.  All I remember getting was a few grey vendor trash items that may have totaled ten gold or so all together.  The level two perk offers a chance to get items for your followers, which I don’t think I’ve seen as an option anywhere else yet.  But the level three perk doesn’t seem like it’s going to be useful long term.  Like the barn, I think once people start getting their gear from their end game activity of choice, whatever gear you may randomly get from the salvage yard is just going to be vendor fodder.






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