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Nine Weeks in – Best Choices.



This past week, I’ve run into a bit of a stall in my explorations.  On my Alliance character, I’ve run into a well documented non-progression in the Spires.  I had managed to get my Horde character beyond that point in the questing before the problem got patched in, but unfortunately that character has become victim to a map hole under the garrison post in that zone.  So it’s been a week, and I haven’t been able to get beyond where I was since the last time I put up a post.  It sounds like there may be a way to work around this problem, and I’ll get started on that for next week.

But I don’t think that should let me off the hook for this week.  While getting ready to write, and trying to decide what to write about, I noticed in the dashboard one of the searches that brought someone to this blog.  Someone was looking for “good garrison choices hunters wow”.  They didn’t leave any comments that I saw.  And they didn’t try to contact me via Twitter. Which means I’m not exactly sure what kind of information they were looking for.  Still, I would like to take a couple of stabs at it.

Simple answer:

As far as I’m concerned, there are only two buildings for the garrison that a hunter may want to have.  Those buildings are either the Stables from the large size category or the Barn from the medium size category.  As of the time of me writing this post, if a hunter wants to base out of their garrison, they will need to construct one of those two buildings.  The reason for that being until one of those buildings exists, there does not appear to be a stable master in the garrison.  Now, there are stable masters to be found in other locations scattered around Draenor.  So you don’t have to worry about being stuck with whatever pets you bring through the portal with you at start of the expansion (although, you may want to open up a few spots on your pet roster if you want to tame something early on).  I’m not sure when or where we’ll end up getting the blue prints for either of those buildings.  As far as I’ve played into the expansion, neither one has been offered as the zone specific building choice.  So that’s early level ninety-six, and a character still isn’t able to switch pets in their home base.  Seems a little silly to me.  I’m this important commander of my military’s forces, but I forgot to bring someone along to allow me to access all of my allies?  I would hope that before the expansion is released, they include a standard stable master for free in the garrison.  Mostly because I don’t like the idea of my choice of class forcing me into a choice about my garrison.

Complex answer:

As far as I can tell, there aren’t good building choices for hunters.  But that’s because there aren’t good building choices for any of the classes.  They provide choices for what you want to do with your class.  They’re designed broadly, so that any class could find a use for any building offered.  A mage that chooses to build the mage tower isn’t going to become any more powerful than a warrior that chooses to build one.  To get the most out of your garrison, your choices are going to center more around what you want to do.  If you like to PVP, there are going to some buildings that will be more valuable to you than others.  If you are a raider, there are going to be different buildings that may be more helpful.  The garrison isn’t a hidden talent system.  There’s no building that will decrease your cast time on Aimed Shot, or teach you how to build a new trap for your launcher, or allow you to tame some truly exotic beast that can only be found because the follower that works there knows of its existence.  That’s not how the garrison has been designed to work.

If you want to find out what buildings would be best for you and your class, I would recommend going to the Garrison Calculator over on Wowhead, reading over all of the buildings offered, and look for the bonuses that would seem most beneficial to how you play and what you want to do.  Just keep in mind that there probably isn’t going to be one true path of garrison construction that every member of your class is going to need to follow.

I hope this helps.


One comment on “Nine Weeks in – Best Choices.

  1. Nzete
    August 31, 2014

    How about “what has the highest production of sumptuous fur: lumber mill plus trading post or barn?” What level of production are we talking about for each of them relative to the amounts needed to submit work orders and do the daily tailoring cooldown (ie to be able to craft stuff as soon as possible to supplement the drops in heroic dungeons before raids open).

    Or what activities are best relegated to alts? Stables seems be to alt material since the “interact while mounted” perk appears aimed at gathering alts and the special mounts are account wide. The gladiator’s sanctum appears to require large amounts of pvp and thus should be on a character that pvps.

    Also, I’ve been looking for a nice reference for how to get the plans for each level, what each level does, and what perks each level has for every building. The information for what achievement is needed to get the level 3 plans being the hardest to find.

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