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Seven Weeks in – Onward to Talador.

talador choice

Thanks to not having a character wipe since last time, I was able to finish up in Gorgrond and continue on into the next zone.  And I’m starting to see a little bit of a pattern as far as how the game is going to hand out garrison buildings as we progress through the world.  When it’s time to move on to the next zone, you’ll get a bread crumb quest to send you that way.  Upon arrival at the first base in the zone established by your faction, the person in charge asks for the player’s opinion regarding what they should build.  You choose, they build, rinse and repeat.  In some ways, I like how it’s done.  You don’t have to go hunting for the “free” building of every zone.  But I still wish the choice screen (as seen in the above image) gave the player more information.  I’d love to see a tool tip that I could mouse over and see exactly what each building offers at each level of progression.  At the very least I’d want a tool tip that can tell me the non-flavorful name for the building so I could look the info I want up myself if I had to.  I mean, somehow I doubt the Alliance version of the “Vol’Jin’s Arsenal” is going to use that name.

(For the curious, I went with the Arsenal.  And holy hell, if that garrison ability isn’t nerfed by the time the expansion goes live, I’ll be really surprised.)



I’m also starting to note a few interesting changes with the followers I’ve started collecting.  For one thing, I’m noticing an increase in the number of, lets call them professional followers.  In my early weeks in the beta, followers with a profession skill trait weren’t that uncommon.  At least on Alliance side, I know you could have someone to work in your Alchemy Lab very shortly after constructing it.  With this latest patch, it looks like that changed.  I can’t recall picking up any follower with a Profession in the first two zones, and now I’ve recruited at least three.  Sending your followers to work in the your buildings is about as easy as sending them off to do a mission.  You just have to remember that you manage assignments at the construction table and not the mission table.  And it also seems fairly easy to have your professional follower return to active duty if you pull a mission that requires their specific abilities.

aeda brightdawn

Another new thing I’ve seen on a few of my more recent recruits is the Bodyguard trait.  I’m really curious to see how this is going to work.  How much control over the bodyguard is the player going to have?  Is it constantly with us, or another ability we’ll have to put on our bars and activate, or something that will randomly decide to show up when we deal or take damage?  I’m hoping for some small level of control from the player out in the field.  A fun feature can sometimes slip to annoying when a player can’t stop it from happening.  More so when you have to do those fun “wait until the mob is under X health to do something for quest credit” quests.  But the real thing I’m curious to see if how much variety in Bodyguards there may be.  Right now my candidates are a Forsaken mage and a Blood Elf warlock (on a Horde character).  I do hope there’s at least one recruit from every race that wants to volunteer to be the garrison commander’s protector.

surprise draeni

But the biggest surprise of the week was Soulbinder Tuulani.  The Horde character I’ve been playing on was able to recruit a Draenei follower.  There was a part of me that has been hoping to see cross faction followers in our garrisons.  And although she’s not technically someone that crossed faction lines to work for me (she’s a native of the world we’re going to, and not a member of the Alliance that decided to defect), it’s close enough in my book.  I’ve always liked those organizations in game like the Argent Dawn that don’t care what side you’re on when there are threats to deal with.  So it’s nice to be able to run my camp the same way.


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