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Six Weeks in – Not happy.

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First off, my apologies for not having something up last week.  As appears to be normal when one takes a vacation, real life had set a trap in preparation for my return.  Add that to a couple of character wipes that were unfortunately timed for myself, and the amount of time I’ve had to check out my garrison past what gets set up in the starting zone has been limited.  But I’ve finally reached where I was when I left again, and hopefully will get a chance to get further this time.  That said, I’ve found something that’s a little troubling to me.

Spoiler warning:  I will be talking about some quests that occur in the expansion.  I’m going to try to avoid spoiling everything, but if you’re trying to avoid any knowledge of what’s to come, you may want to pass on this post.



In the past few weeks I’ve progressed to the point of choosing the Gorgrond outpost twice.  The above makes it seem like a difficult choice.  Do you want a discount on your garrison’s construction, or do you want to make the followers you have better?  I could see advantages to both.  Even if the only improvement you got from the arena was experience for your followers, that could be useful.  Especially for those followers that you pick up that never see any action because the missions you have for them never seem to require their special talents.  On the other hand, having a lumber mill up and running will make advancing your garrison easier.  So I tried both.  And I’m not really liking either.

arena issue

The arena seems, to me at least, to be a PvP building.  Don’t get me wrong.  The perks associated with it are nice for anyone.  But I don’t feel like I’d get full use out of it.  My live main is on a PvE server.  I leveled two characters to the level ninety cap on a PvP server before I decided to retire from there.  I don’t do arenas, I don’t go looking to gank people out in the world, and I don’t need currency to buy gear.  So it feels wasteful to take, since I’m only getting half the benefit from it.  And it also seems like false advertising.  From my experience with the building, I didn’t see any of the “training missions to improve existing followers”.  It’s beta, so maybe they weren’t in yet, or maybe constructing the building didn’t properly activate them for my character, or maybe I was just unlucky in what I missions I was being assigned.  Ether way, I wasn’t really thrilled with what the arena offered to me.

WowB-64 2014-08-08 15-59-51-07


So it would seem that for me, the lumber yard would be the better choice.  Except, it seems to cut you off from half the quests in the zone.  Actually, choosing either building seems to lock you out of half the quests in the zone.  Choosing the lumber yard sends you south to quest and turns the northern quests (or at least one of the first ones) into a zone scenario.  That picture of the “Dying Beast” at the top of this post?  It’s in the north half of the zone.  If you chose the lumber yard, that’s all it ever seems to be.  If you chose the arena, you can come to the rescue of Nisha, and by doing so get the chance to do quests for Nisha’s owner:  Rexxar.

This is my first major problem with the way garrisons are being used.  I can’t see why there would be any reason why I am not allowed to do all of the quests in the zone.  At least not as it’s set up right now.  If Blizzard wanted to make it a faction thing, I could understand.  “These two clans are at war with each other, so you can only ally yourself with one of them.”  Okay, yeah, that would make sense.  But because I’d rather take what I think would be the more useful building for my garrison, I’m not allowed to help one of the better known lore characters in the game?

Of course, we’ll have to see if that’s really the case.  I’m going to keep going from where I’m at now and see if things change after I finish my current set of quests.  But I’m really not liking the uninformed choice that’s being presented here.


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