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Three weeks in – New Stuff

kala hunter


So a new big patch for the beta was released on the seventeenth.  I haven’t had much time yet to get into the new zones yet.  And I mean that quite literally.  I spent most of last night the same way many beta players probably did:  trying to run/fly from their hearth location to the new zones that opened up before their next disconnect sent them back.  Beta is beta.  What are you going to do.  But there have been some updates that have been coming out in smaller patches all the time, and I thought I’d cover a few of those changes today.

A Raid’s Worth of Followers.

It looks as if we now have an maximum number of followers we can have working for us in our garrison.  And that number would seem to be twenty.  At the very least we have a counter that lets us know how many out of twenty followers we have in our roster at the moment.  In the zones that have been available so far, I don’t think it was even possible to get half way to that limit.  So we couldn’t test trying to go over that limit yet.  And twenty isn’t exactly set in stone.  Wowhead says that one of the higher levels of the barracks building will increase by ten.  I’m not quite sure how I feel about this.  From my experiences with other games, I’m used to having a larger pool of followers to pull from.  But then, in those games most of the follower missions need two or three followers to be assigned for the attempt.  So far, the vast majority of follower missions have been one follower deals.

rare mission

A Rare Exception.

I have seen one, and only one, follower mission so far that needed more than one follower to complete.  The mission itself was marked as rare in the available missions tab, and the reward it offered was a rare quality belt for my gear type and spec.  The way I encountered it made me think it was only in the game for a brief period of testing, and has since been removed or disabled.  At the time I encountered it, all of my characters had it as a mission.  The few characters I’ve created since then haven’t run into it.  A part of me would like to have a better idea of how garrison quests work as far as being available to a player.  Most of the missions I’ve seen have been, for lack of a better term, tutorial missions.  The first one is set up to be an automatic success based on the first follower you pick up.  And the next handful you get after that seem to have a high chance at success regardless of which follower you send off on assignment.  But once we get beyond the tutorial missions, are we going to be dealing with the random number generator to determine what missions are available?  I would doubt that we’ll get randomly asked to do things beyond our capabilities (like being given a mission that requires more followers than we have to send).   I just wonder if, like those unfortunate individuals that never see a specific item drop off of a raid boss they kill every week, will there be some missions that we’ll never have the opportunity to send our followers out to complete.

kala rogue

Follower Reroll.

The very first image of this post if of Ka’la, a hunter follower that was recruited by Horde players for finishing their first garrison mission.  Above, is Ka’la, a rogue follower that seems to have replaced the hunter version fairly recently.  Beta is beta.  I imagine if I played a new character through setting up a garrison again, I’d probably end up with the rogue version from the start.  Although a part of me likes the idea of getting randomized versions of followers.  Of course, that may just be because of the number of followers I have that all seem to have similar abilities (very few of which seem to counter situations I’m seeing on the missions I’m running).

On a side note, it’s clear that all followers are actually hunters.  Every one of them can use the same axe, the same shield and the same armor.  Why?  Because that gear is hunter gear.  😉


gorgrond building choice

Need Input. 

So with the latest big patch, players were able to leave the starting zones.  Fairly soon after doing so, they are given the chance to set up their first outpost, and select a building they will learn how to construct for their garrison (eventually).  I with it didn’t happen so quickly.  Three weeks in, give or take, and I couldn’t really tell which one would have been the better choice for my playing style.  I’ve never been unable to do something in my garrison because I was lacking needed materials, so the lumber yard didn’t seem like a good choice.  At the same time, I have no idea what “training missions to improve existing followers” means.  Any mission can improve a follower just by giving them xp to level up.  Are we talking about a way to improve their rarity or change their abilities?  I feel like this is another blind choice, where a little more information could be helpful to the player.

I don’t know right now if I’ll be able to write up a post for next week.  I’ll certainly see how far I can get with the time I have available to me.  If worse comes to worse, I’ll just have to write up something really long to make up for missing a week.


One comment on “Three weeks in – New Stuff

  1. Nzete
    July 21, 2014

    I’ve had maybe three different rare missions pop up across three alliance garrisons. One was an 8 hour, 1 follower mission. The other two were 2 or 3 hour 3 follower missions. They had different rewards, but I can’t remember the titles of the missions. One is clearly not fully in yet because the rewards are 2 blank boxes and a grey rock (vendor trash).

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