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Two Weeks In – Concerns

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Last week, I covered some of the good.  This week… I want to look at some of the not so good.  There are a couple of things that I’ve run into during my brief time in the beta that have made me a little worried.  And not just regarding bugs and server stability.  There are a few design choices that I’m not all that happy about.

Additional Instances Cannot Be Launched.

At several times during the beta test, everyone’s had the chance to play the part of a parent from many teen comedy.  You come home to your garrison and find it filled with a large quantity of people you didn’t invite over.  Each character is supposed to have their own private garrison.  It’s phased in some way so that you shouldn’t encounter other players in your garrison, unless you’ve invited them into a group.  Unfortunately, the servers have had times where they couldn’t handle the numbers.  I think this is the big thing we’re currently helping to test on the beta.  We’re giving Blizzard some numbers on how many instances you can create in an area before the system gives up.  I know I shouldn’t be all that worried.  I’m sure this is a bug that is on Blizzard’s radar.  Something that needs to be handled before the expansion comes out.  And I wouldn’t be worried if I hadn’t seen this in the live game previously.  We’ve seen this happen in the past when new five man dungeons have been added.  And that’s only creating one new instance for every five players that wanted to get in.  I hope before beta ends, when they’ve invited everyone they’re going to invite, that they wipe all of our characters from the beta servers and ask us all to pick a day to start a new level ninety character and go through setting up our garrisons again for the first time.  Have them try to get a good idea example of what launch day is going to be like with a big clump of players going in as opposed to several waves of new characters spread out over a length of time.  Because otherwise, I think the launch isn’t going to be pretty.


A Blind Choice.

So this was a cool thing I ran across since last time.  There is a series of quests on the Alliance side that introduce you to a couple of different groups within the population of Draenei we help.  At the end of the quest line, we’re given the option to select one of three representatives to join our garrison as a follower.  I like the idea of getting to make a choice about who comes to work for my character.  But I don’t like that very little clear information is given about the applicants for the position.  You can talk to all three, and they tell you about themselves and the organizations they belong to.  But only one of them was being upfront and clear about their class and the profession skill they had.  In most of the cases when a follower joins your garrison, it doesn’t matter.  Those are occasions where one person is coming to fill one spot.  When you give a person a choice to make you really need to give them all the information you can to help them make the choice they’d be happiest with.  Even more so when the choice has the potential to cause problems later.

Rangari Chel


The Position Has Been Filled.

So last week I introduced you to Abatha the Alchemist.  On my first Alliance character through the zone, she joined my garrison after finishing a quest chain where I acquired the plans to build the Alchemist lab.  On a second character, she did not.  I’m not sure why she signed on for one character but not for the other.  But I’m worried that Rangari Chel here may have something to do with it.  On my second character, I did the quests that gave me the choice of follower before I did the quest to gets the lab.  Choosing Chel gave me a character that had the Alchemy trait.  So did that mean when it came time for Abatha to sign up, the game decided she didn’t want to work for me because I already had someone that filled the same role she could?  Or would Chel not be an option if I had recruited Abatha first?  It’s a little troubling that there could be a specific recruitment plan one could follow to maximize the number of follower you pick up over the course of your game experience.  I don’t like the idea that I could be shorting myself a follower because I didn’t know any better.

As of the time I’m writing this post, the beta is down. Hopefully when it comes back up, we’ll get a chance to explore more of Draenor , and unlock more of what the garrisons have to offer.



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