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Building specs… Gone?

Well, yes and no.  Yesterday, Mumper answered a tweet regarding some changes that were noticed in the most recent Alpha patch:

mumper 062614

So it sounds like we’re still going to be getting some kind of bonus upgrading our buildings to their maximum levels.  We’re just not being given a choice of what the bonus is going to be.  And this may just be a “for now” situation, as Mr. Feasel came along to explain later on in the conversation:

feasel mumper 062614

I not all that upset about this news.  I think this may be a case where the lack of information we’ve been getting has worked in Blizzard’s favor.  I can’t say that I’m upset over losing something because I don’t know what we lost.  I don’t recall any confirmed information for any buildings various spec options.  So I can’t go “dang it!  I wanted building A to do X instead of Y”.  I am a little worried about another chance for player choice being removed.  And I wonder if this will have an impact on people trying to build garrisons towards a specific end goal.   I look forward to finding out the answer to that.

Speaking of which:


Blizzard sent out a wave of (Alpha?  Beta?) invites late Thursday/early Friday.  And I was one of the lucky ones to get in this time around.  So, by the time this post goes up, I hope to be setting up my own little fort.  I intend to share my hands on impressions next week.


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