This Old Garrison

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I want it all.

Earlier this week, Matthew Rossi wrote up a brief article over on WoW Insider regarding his feelings about garrisons from his time in the alpha.  To him, the garrison feels closer to the RTS roots of Warcraft than to any kind of player housing.  At the end, he wonders what the player base wants from garrisons.  Do we want a fort or do we want a house?

And I wonder why can’t we have both.

Well, okay, yeah.  The obvious answer is because Blizzard isn’t designing garrisons to be both.  Many of the possible options for customization have been passed up.  We’ve gone from being able to set up camp in whichever zone we want to being locked into the starting zone.  The possibility of being able to name our followers has gone down to the idea of “these are people; not pets”.  And the big thing people really wanted back at Blizzcon (appearance options for our buildings) would cost too much in terms of the design team’s time.  Really, the only customization options we have left with regards to our garrisons is which buildings we’ll set up on which size appropriate spot in the base.  The differences between me and a guild mate may be that he has an Armory while I have a Mage Tower, and our Lumber Mills are in opposite ends of the map.  The garrison we’re getting is most certainly not a house.

That said, if we had been given the option, I don’t see why we would have to choose.  Yes, there would be players that would choose one over the other.  There would be some players that wouldn’t care about doing anything with a garrison that wasn’t about building up their character and their fort in preparation for the next encounter with the Iron Horde.  And there would be people on the other side of that coin; that wouldn’t send out their followers on missions unless there was a chance they could come back with some savage monster skull to display in the town square.  I would have loved to have had both options to explore, and I’m a little sad that I won’t.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m still looking forward to follower game play.  But some part of me wishes I could design a different town hall for each of my characters to issue orders from.

Maybe in the expansion after Warlords?


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