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Polite enemy invaders.

feasel 051414-01

Last week, I expressed my belief that the garrisons portions of the interview were very focused on getting across the idea that garrisons were not in any way going to be mandatory.  And I feel like a tweet Mr. Feasel sent out this week expands on that idea a bit.

I’m not sure if I covered garrison invasions before, so a quick over view.  My understanding of it is that over time, our characters will make enemies of the various villainous groups on Draenor.  Eventually, that will cause an attacking force to show up on the door step of our garrisons.  And that’s more or less all the information we had about them.  We don’t know how often or how randomly they will occur.  In theory, just walking into our garrison to do a little bit of house keeping could have forced us to have to deal with unexpected party of Iron Horde Orcs.  But the tweet presented above seems to indicate that even being attacked by the bad guys isn’t mandatory.

But that raises an obvious question.  “Why bother letting them attack at all?”  If the player has the power to say “No no!  Naughty Orcs.  Stay out side!”, why would a person want to let them in.  Well, from the same twitter conversation, we also get the following:

feasel 051414-02


Now, granted, we don’t know yet what the rewards for defeating an invasion attempt are going to be.  Still, I find myself a little excited about the idea of grouping with people to defend our garrisons.  I really hope that Blizzard is able to follow though on this and come up with something really cool.  Because the idea of a guild “invasion night” seems really fun to me.


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