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Wowhead Interviews Lead Game Designer Ion Hazzikostas

About a week ago, Wowhead posted an hour long interview with Lead Game Designer Ion Hazzikostas.  The majority of the interview focused on how raiding was going to work and how players were going to collect gear in Warlords.  But the reason why I’m bringing it up is because it also touched briefly on garrisons.  Most of that information comes up towards the very end of the interview, but there are a couple of pieces of information scattered through the entire thing.  So I thought I’d try to pull as much of the information together here.

Two paths to your garrison.

It sounds as if there is going to be two separate ways to work on a garrison.  One way seems to be that upgrades will be rewarded to us for questing.  As a player goes through the various zones of Draenor, they’ll come across followers to recruit and blueprints to upgrade buildings.  So it sounds to me as if the normal questing one may do to level up will have the added bonus of improving a person’s garrison.  The other way is to just pay for these same improvements with gold.  So if your plan is to enter dungeons at the start of the expansion and not come out until you hit the level cap, it sounds like there will be a vendor somewhere that will allow a player to purchase any garrison upgrades they may have missed by not finding them through questing.

Your home for bonus roll tokens.

While discussing how bonus rolls were going to be earned by players in the expansion, it sounded as if our garrisons were going to play a minor part in it.  A very minor part.  About equal to the part that the faction bases in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms play in the current system.  As in, you have to go there to interact with the npc to get your bonus roll seals, and that’s it.  It seemed to me that he was very clear that a person’s progression (or lack there of) with their garrison will not impact the chances of getting a person’s three seals every week.

An alternative source for epic gear.

This didn’t come from the video itself, but from clarifications made by Blizzard about comments made in the interview.  The quality of gear that a player can receive from sending their followers out on raids sounds like it will fall in the middle of the road for raiding.  Equivalent in quality to what a person would earn from normal level raiding, so better than what someone may get from LFR but not as good as heroic or mythic level raiding.  And it’s not like the gear is just going to be handed out.  A player is going to have to advance their garrison to a point where they can send followers on raid level missions, and also level and gear up their followers to a point where they can successfully complete those raid missions.  Profession made epics were used as an example of what they’re trying to do here.  Sure, your character can make an epic piece of gear, but that’s after how many days or weeks of using cool downs every day to get the components you need to make it.

Over all, I’d say the main message that Mr. Hazzikostas was trying to get out regarding garrisons was that they are not in any way mandatory.  A player isn’t going to be locked out of any content because they chose to ignore their garrison.  You’re not going to have to go there every day to deal with various things so that you don’t end up falling behind in some way.  And while I would say that the potential gear rewards are nice, your more involved raiders are probably going to replace anything that a follower could bring them with something better from Heroic or Mythic level raiding fairly quickly.


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