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Follower Requests

muffinus 042414

So not too long ago, Mr. Feasel asked the above question on twitter.  And he got quite a few responses.  A lot of people wanted to be able to recruit their old favorite npcs.  Of course, that may depend on one’s definition of “old” seeing as some people were requesting the likes of LiLi Stormstout.  Another common request was for specific races, like the non-corrupted Aarakora.  But out of all of the suggestions offered, this is the one I liked the best:

faction followers


Not for Rexxar or LiLi, but for faction champions.  I think it would be an interesting way to give value to some of the different groups we’ve spent so much time grinding rep with over the many years and various expansions.  Note the word “some” in that previous sentence.  There’s currently an achievement in the game for having exalted status with sixty different groups.  Starting a garrison with 60 followers to begin with seems like a bit of over kill.  It’s something the developers would have go over on a case by case basis.  But I’m sure there are ways to easily reduce the number.  The Aldor or Scryers seem to me like they’d be good choices for a follower reward, but I have my doubts that the Ramkahen or the Timbermaw would send aid for your expedition.

In any event, if you would like to make your own suggestion as to the followers you want to see, respond to that twitter post.  Mr. Feasel was still responding to suggestions as recently as this past Thursday.


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