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Good News and Bad News

horde garrison

There have been quite a few interesting bits and pieces coming out this past week regarding garrisons.  So I thought I’d take a little time going over some of the things we’ve learned.

There’s an app for that.

WoWhead has created a “Garrison Calculator“.  You can pick the size of the garrison you wish to work on and experiment with which buildings you want to have and where you want to place them.  It’s not bad.  It is a little basic right now, but that’s mostly because they don’t have much information to work with.  I’m sure as more information comes out, the calculator will be updated and allow us to do things like figure out what specializations we’ll have access to based on which buildings we’ve chosen.  Also, one extra benefit of the calculator is that it looks like it includes the Horde layout map as well as the Alliance version we’ve seen in previously released materials.  It still uses Alliance building art for buildings placed on the Horde garrison map, but again, it’s still early.

The first followers and a familiar face.

WoWhead has also come across a few followers that we may be seeing at some point in our garrisons.  The seven followers are made up of three orcs, one troll, one tauren, one ogre, and one night elf.  There’s not really all that much useful information about these followers as far as game mechanics go.  All we have are their names and a one sentence biography on each one of them.  But what I find interesting is that we’ve got at least one familiar face in among the group.  With the description of “one of the few Frostwolf orcs to conquer the art of rylak riding”, I’m thinking that Mulverick is the same Wing Commander that Horde forces needed to rescue from Alterac Valley and that all players ended up racing in the Shadowmoon Valley netherdrake questing zone.  I have to say that I like the idea that at least some of the followers we’ll have the chance of picking up will be people we’ve seen before.  Although, it does make me wonder where the cut off point will be between potential followers and those that won’t be.  I believe it’s highly doubtful that we’ll have someone like Doomhammer taking orders from our characters, but what about Rexxar?

GarrAbility vs. GarrSpecialization.

MMO-Champion has a list of some new garrison abilities in it’s latest alpha build update.  Previously I thought these may be abilities used by the various followers we’ll be picking up to work in our garrisons, but now I’m not so sure.  Most of them provide buffs to the results of follower game play (increasing xp earned by followers on missions, reducing mission duration, increasing the amount of materials earned from missions).  To me that seems more like a building specialization than something an individual follower would provide.  And yet, in the same update, we have what may be our very first garrison specialization for the fishing shack.  I’m starting to think that things tagged as “GarrAbilities” are being used to cover bonuses to follower game play provided by specific buildings and by the followers themselves, while “GarrSpecialization” is going to cover things that may provide a bonus to the player themselves.  We’re going to have to keep an eye out for these as we continue forward.

More Mumper tweets.

We’ve got two tweets from Mumper that I’d like to cover this time.  First is that it seems our garrisons will be named after our characters.  I think I’d feel better if we knew a little bit more about how this was going to work.  I imagine the Horde side will be the usual “Name-mar” we’ve seen happen before with their capital city and the first big Horde town in Hellfire Peninsula.  I’m not so sure what the Alliance equivalent to that would be.  I’m just not sure that doing that is going to work well across the various races in the game.  I can live with the Orcs vs. Humans art style.  But if you’re going to name something after me, I’d prefer to have some say in the matter.

The second tweet has made our mobile home away from home much less mobile.  It seems now that our garrisons are going to be locked into the starting zones for each faction.  Horde garrisons will be located in Frostfire Ridge.  Alliance garrisons will be found in Shadowmoon Valley.  And that’s it.  No placing our base in the zone we’re currently questing through.  No placing our base in the zone that we find the most visually appealing or appropriate for possible role-playing purposes.  We’re getting a permanent address in Draenor.  For now at least.  I’m hopeful that this may be a temporary thing.  Something that they’ll still be working on throughout the life of the expansion.  So that after we’ve spent a patch or two establishing our foothold in the new world, we can eventually move it to where it would do us the most good.  But this also makes me worried about the future of garrisons beyond Warlords.  When it comes time to move on to whatever comes next, will we be leaving everything we’ve built and all of our followers behind?  As someone that would like to see this feature continue to exist after the expansion where it was introduced, I hope not.


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