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A Tale of Two Garrisons


While looking at all the new data released for garrisons last week, a thought crossed my mind.  Because of the number of buildings available and the different bonuses each building can provide, it is going to be possible to construct a garrison oriented towards different end goals.  I thought I’d give it a try and see what I could come up with using the data we’ve gotten so far from the Alpha.

Standard Alpha Warning.  This information is from an Alpha build of an expansion.  Any and all information is subject to change prior to final release.  So if what I say here doesn’t quite match up with what we end up getting our hands on later, don’t blame me.

Another couple things to keep in mind before I get started here.  There are four buildings currently that are listed as having their own unique plot types: The Farm, The Fishing Hut, The Mine, and The Pet Menagerie. So regardless of what build you want to end up with, it sounds to me like you will be able to have those four buildings without worrying about throwing your plans off.  Also, I’m looking at the end result and not the path to get there.  We don’t know enough about garrison progression at this point to make a call about what we end up building.  For all I know at this point, a player may have to build something not wanted in the final layout of a garrison in order to pick up the plans needed for one of the buildings a player wants.

The Commerce Build:  “Money.  That’s what I want.”

Small 1:  Player’s preference

Small 2:  Player’s preference

Small 3:  Storehouse

Small 4:  Salvage Yard

Medium 1:  Lumber Mill

Medium 2:  Barn

Medium 3:  Trading Post (?)

Large 1:  Stables

Large 2:  Workshop (?)

Large 3:  Player’s preference.

It’s a little hard to decide on what small buildings would be best for a player trying to use the garrison to make gold.  We don’t know yet what profitable items can be acquired from the different profession buildings.  And even then, a choice that may seem obvious may not work out depending on a player’s server.  You’re going to have a hard time selling engineering mounts if every player opted for the Engineering Works that builds them.  Storehouse and Salvage Yard are probably the best picks.  For every building that can generate some kind of resource, the Storehouse will let that building stockpile extra of that resource.  You may not generate any extra, but at least you won’t lose out on some if you’re unable to log in to play for some reason.  The Salvage Yard is nice because once it gets upgraded enough, any extra Material (the resource used to build and upgrade garrison buildings) you generate can be traded in for gold.  Not so good as a starting building, but very nice once you’ve built and upgraded everything else you’ve got an start developing a Material surplus.  Out of the medium buildings, I would say the Lumber Mill and the Barn are going to be the best bets.  The Lumber Mill creates Material, so it’s going to be helpful in getting your other buildings up and running, before providing fodder for the Salvage Yard.  The Barn seems like a good option because it provides more resources.  While the Tailoring Emporium generates a batch of “tailoring components”, it doesn’t say anything about generating cloth, which The Barn does.  I’m not certain about the Trading Post.  It’s described as “the Garrison’s center of commerce” and it opens up “trading routes”.  But we don’t know what that means.  As for the large buildings, the Stables seems like the best bet.  And that’s mostly for its ability to increase a player’s mounted speed in Draenor.  So you’ll have a boost while farming outside your garrison.  Other than that, not many of the large buildings seem to provide a benefit to making money.  It’s possible the Workshop may be useful in that regard, but we don’t know anything about it except that it exists at this point.  The Mage Tower may be a good choice if it allows players to portal home to a major city so you can set up auctions.

The Community Build:  “I get by with a little help from my friends.”

Small 1: Player’s preference

Small 2: Player’s preference

Small 3: Player’s preference

Small 4: Player’s preference

Medium 1: Lumber Mill

Medium 2: Inn

Medium 3: Player’s preference

Large 1: Barracks

Large 2: Armory

Large 3: Stables (maybe Mage Tower).

A build centering on the garrison’s followers allows for a bit more variety of buildings.  At the moment, it doesn’t look like any of the small buildings provide followers with any kind of bonus.  So whatever professions you want to have, you’re free to set up.  You could even go the commerce route and take the Storehouse and Salvage Yard.  Out of all the medium buildings, the Inn is the only one that provides a benefit for a follower focused garrison, in that it lets you recruit more of them.  The Lumber Mill would probably be a good choice for any garrison because of the Material it generates.  Which leaves the third medium spot open.  A part of me is curious about the Sparring Arena.  Like the Workshop, all we know is that it exists.  The crazy part of my brain likes the idea that it could be a place to train up our followers in some way, but there is no evidence to that yet.  The Armory and the Barracks are the obvious choices for the large buildings here.  The Armory improves the item level of all followers and the Barracks increases the maximum number of followers you can have.  So you’ll end up with a sizable armed force thanks to those two.  For the third slot, it’s hard to say.  The Stables says that it can reduce mission travel time.  And there are a couple of building specializations (“Mass Teleport” and “Recall Portal”) that hint that the Mage Tower may be useful in moving your followers around.

As time goes on and we get more information (and hopefully a chance to get our hands on the expansion), I’ll probably come back to the idea of these two garrison builds and see what if anything has changed.  Who knows, maybe we’ll even see a third possible garrison focus as more details come out.


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