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Mining the Alpha Data


So last week we got the announcement of the Warlords alpha.  And since then, a few sites around the web have started the process of mining the alpha patch for every little juice bit of information they can get.  Wowhead has posted several news articles, including one that gives us a look at some new information for garrisons.  So I figure we’d take a look at some of this new information.

But first:  Standard Alpha Warning.  This information is from an Alpha build of an expansion.  Any and all information is subject to change prior to final release.  There.  Now that that’s out of the way, on with show.

Garrison Specializations

I’m a little confused as to what these are supposed to be.  What information we had previously suggested that when we upgraded a building in our garrison to its third and final level, we would be able to choose a bonus for that building to give us.  We now have a list of possible specializations, but the way the information was provided didn’t seem to attach them to any building.  Some of the descriptions state outright which buildings they would effect (such as the “Show Posts” and “Mount Trader” specializations calling out the Stable).  Others are a bit more general.  Headhunter lets the player recruit a random follower.  It doesn’t say where the player needs to go to do this.  Does this happen at the garrison’s inn, or the barracks, or both?  But what really has me curious is why this information is separate  from the building information.  I wonder if it’s just as simple as the way the data was packaged into the alpha patch, or if we’re going to end up with a big list of all the possible specializations our garrisons can provide to us that we’ll end up having to choose a limited number from.

Garrison Plots

From the information provided, we’re looking at a total of fourteen plots for our garrisons.  It’s broken down into four small plots, three medium, three large, and four plots that seemed to be reserved for specific buildings (Mine, Farm, Fishing Hut, and Pet Menagerie). This is on track with the information provided back at Blizzcon for a fully developed, rank three garrison.  We seem to have lost the town hall, which was described as the place our characters would go to interact with the people working in our garrison and having its own specific construction plot.  Right now, I’m okay with this.  Ask me again later if we eventually find ourselves running back and forth across the garrison between two buildings trying to get some task done.  For some reason, I felt like we were getting more.  Maybe, seeing the total number broken down by how many of each size we get is what’s doing it.  I think my mind made the mistake of thinking all of the garrison plots could be used for every size building.  “Oh, there’s fourteen plots.  There’s not even that many main professions.  No problem.”  I’m starting to get the feeling that we’re going to have to make some hard choices about what we devote space to.

Garrison Abilities

We have a little bit of information here, but not a whole lot.  The good people at Wowhead seem to think “these buffs are tied to different abilities you get in various zones”.  I’m thinking differently.  I believe these may be some of the abilities that we will eventually be seeing on our followers.  It was mentioned back then that our followers would have abilities that may make them more successful at some missions.  Some of the entries on the data mined list make me think along those lines.  Orcbane sounds like a good name for an ability that makes a follower more successful on missions against orcs.  However, right now I honestly think most of this info is just place holder given the humorous nature of some of these entries.

Garrison Test Quests

Not a lot of info here, so not all that much to say.  I guess we have at least three different types of quests to look forward to from our garrisons.

Garrison Buildings

I’m going to touch on each of the buildings more in depth with a later post, so I’m just going to go over this section in general for now.  It looks like all of the profession based buildings are going to work the same way.  Each one creates “a batch of” mats specific to their profession once a day.  And each one of the buildings starts off being able to store one batch of the mats they create.  So visiting our garrisons is going to be a daily event when we get started.  I like seeing that one of the buildings has an option for the player to turn Material (which the currency we’ll be using to build and upgrade our buildings) into gold.  I also like the Storehouse.  If I’m doing the math right, having a fully upgraded Storehouse and a fully upgraded profession building will allow that profession building to store a week’s worth of daily mat batches before the player needs to clear it out.  And it looks like we’ve got a couple of new buildings: the Sparring Arena and the Workshop.  All we know for now are their names.  I hope we get to see what they’re actually used for soon.  Over all I’m getting a strong impression of at least two different ways one could set up their garrison.  Focusing on one set of buildings may provide the player with all kinds of bonuses for their followers and their character in doing quests, while focusing on a different set of buildings may make it easier for the player to work towards making gold.  I can’t wait to get my hands on a garrison to start experimenting with possible builds.


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