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The Drought of Information

Between Hearthstone going live, the start of the technical alpha for Heroes of the Storm, and the launch of the Diablo III expansion, I would say that Blizzard has been busy lately.  Unfortunately, they’ve been busy with lots of things that aren’t related to the next expansion.  And when you’re only dealing with a little portion of what the next expansion has to offer, even what little news that comes out may not be news you can use.

Lecraft 032814-01

The above tweet is about all I saw regarding garrisons this week.  I’m cautiously optimistic.  I like the idea of vendors setting up shop in your garrison.  It would be a little silly if you could do all kinds of things in your home away from home, except find someone to buy vendor trash items from you.  But the tweet is a little vague, and no good follow up was given to expand on it.  Is the vendor itself rare, or just the pets he has to sell you?  We just don’t know yet.

It’s been several months since Blizzcon, and we have many more before Warlords launches.  I really hope we get a nice big helping of new information on the expansion soon.  Because the well is starting to look a little dry.


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