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Resource management

feasel 032014-01

It sounds to me, from the above tweets, that we have a bit of a good news/ bad news situation with regards to garrisons.  I like the idea of not needing to spend gold to purchase buildings and upgrades.  I mean, in going back through some of the slides shown at the various Blizzcon panels last year, a garrison was looking to be a fairly big gold sink.  The tool tip on upgrading the Infirmary from level 1 to level 2 showed a cost of ten thousand gold.  That’s one building, being upgraded one step, to the midpoint of a building’s progression.  For someone that may not spend a portion of their game time farming mats and playing the auction house, gold costs like that could end up breaking the bank of a person trying to get every building set up and fully upgraded.  And heaven help someone that may have used the level 90 boost to join friends on a different server/faction from any main with a gold stockpile.

On the other hand, that means we’ll have a whole new resource to earn and spend come next expansion.  I’m feeling a little bit of currency burnout.  Every new patch of Mists seemed to introduce a whole new group that wanted to deal only with a new type of coin.  Thousands and thousands of a new type of coin.  Or maybe just one of a new coin, that acts exactly like new coin from last patch.  But we can’t use the old coin, because it’s not the new one.  I’m fairly sure we won’t be dealing in coins, but I think the point is the same.  We’re all going to be starting from scratch on our garrisons, so we won’t have a stockpile of anything we’ll need to build everything quickly.  And then, eventually, the situation will reverse itself.  We’ll have this huge amount of garrison only resources that are bound to the character that generated them, and that character won’t need any of it because they’ve progressed past that level of garrison construction.  We’ve built everything we can with wood and bricks, and now need ore to upgrade our buildings.  And while we’re getting ore to do that, we’re still getting more wood and bricks that are just clogging up our inventories or are listed in their own section of our character sheet.  Resources that will be useless and with our characters until the end of the world (of warcraft).

I’m really curious to see how the garrison only resources will work.  And I really hope that during beta (whenever that may be (hopefully soon (and not Blizzard “soon”))) we’ll see some way to reduce our unneeded resources.  Or at the very least, some way to encourage Blizzard to give us a way to reduce our unneeded resources.


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