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Give and take

In scrolling back through some tweets this week, I came across this exchange:

feasel 030714-01

It sounds like we’re going to be getting much more involved with our garrisons than we did with our farms.  And I find myself of two minds on the subject.

In some ways, I like the idea.  While I’m sure there will be days where I’ll wish all I had to do was to show up for a few minutes tell my followers to do something and then log off until it’s done, a daily routine can get boring after a while.  Having a couple of issues pop up that my character needs to deal with every now and then will make it feel like a real place I’m helping to run.  And I hope that’s also how any daily quests my garrison generates for me is handled.  If every follower I have is asking for my help every day, it may get a little out of control.  Have some of them be weekly, or have the set rotate on a daily basis like the quest hubs that were introduced in patch 5.1.  If I have to escort someone to collect wood, either have him collect enough to last him a while or have me scare off what he was afraid of long enough that I don’t have to do it again the very next day.

On the other hand, the idea makes me a little nervous.  And part of that may be because of a word used the the above tweet:  epic.  Out of the number of characters I have at the current level cap, none of them have started their epic cloak quests.  None of them have downed any this expansions raid bosses.  None of them have a set of pvp gear (purchased or crafted).  What can I say?  I’m weird like that.  So I’m a little worried about what my followers may ask me to do.  Lets take a look at pet battles as an example.  There are some pets that could only be collected by doing pvp.  There are some that can only be found as drops off of bosses in the most recent raid content.  It’s a way for Blizzard to lead players to other content.  “You don’t want to do this activity?  Not even for this thing for an activity you do like?”    They even do that across their games now (I’m looking at you card game mount).  And while I could probably make due if I can’t get a follower because I really dislike the way I have to acquire him or her, who’s to say that I won’t be hampered by this choice.  I’ll be quite frustrated if one of my followers repeatedly has to tell me “We can’t build that sir.  The man that knows those construction plans is being held prisoner by one of the raid bosses.”


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