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One of the benefits of our garrisons that was mentioned at Blizzcon is that they could allow each of our characters access to more professions.  From the information we got last November, it seems as if we’ll have the chance to build a building in our garrison for most if not all of the professions currently in the game.  So this week, I got to thinking about what I’d like to see out of the profession buildings and which ones I would make sure to save space for in my garrison.

For the purposes of this post, I’m going to be thinking as if I don’t have the profession offered by the building already.  In other words, I’m not going to say I’m not going to take a profession building because my main character already has the profession in question.

Gathering Professions:  I think most of the gathering professions buildings are freebies.  The mine, the farm, and the fishing shack are all starter buildings for our garrisons.  Those buildings have their own spots within our garrisons where they can be built.  So it’s not like we’re giving up a spot where another building could be constructed to have access to the mining, herbalism and fishing professions.  I imagine everyone is going to have those three professions working in their garrisons.  The odd profession out in this set is Skinning.  There was no mention of a skinning specific building at Blizzcon.  I suppose it could be connected leatherworking’s Tannery, but that doesn’t seem right to me.

Secondary Professions:  Only fishing has it’s own building.  The rest of the secondary professions don’t seem to get one.  I think there’s a chance we’ll still see them represented in our garrisons.  They may be additional benefits given to us by other buildings.  The Inn may give us access to cooking and the Infirmary may give us access to first aid.  The odd one out here is archaeology.  It seems like a specialized enough profession that it would need it’s own place as opposed to being rolled into some other building we’re getting like some of the other professions may.  I’m okay with not having an archaeology building.  I’m not even sure what its purpose would be.  This is the profession that sends us out into the world to gather bits of artifacts that we then reconstruct.  So would the building be a place where from which we would send out expeditions of our followers to collect artifact fragments?  Or did we manage to plunk down our garrison on top of some long forgotten burial ground of some unknown civilization?  I can’t imagine anything good would come of that.  If it did have its own building, I doubt I’d set it up in my garrison.  Honestly, because we’re not limited in the number of secondary professions we can have, I almost feel like we’d be better off just having the professions on our characters if we wanted them.  Plus, in first aid’s case, we need to have the profession anyway to make use of any of the things we can make with it.

Crafting Professions:  Alchemy, enchanting, and jewelcrafting buildings are going to be must haves for every garrison.  Having those three would make your garrison a one stop shop before and after any guild activity you may do in Warlords.  Stop in before raid to pick up the potions you’re going to need, come back after raid to disenchant any old or duplicate gear and to enchant and gem any new gear you’ve won that night.  I’m not sure where I fall on how much I’d want to have the inscription and leatherworking buildings.  Both could possibly offer item enhancement options like enchanting does.  But they don’t offer many item enhancements.  For some reason, I think inscription comes off better between the two just because it has more value to more classes.  Leatherworking, like blacksmithing and tailoring,  are really borderline to me.  If you’re class could make use of the gear the profession can create, you probably already have that profession.  If you don’t, then I could see that making one of these three professions a definite in your garrison.  But if you’re a warrior, will you build a Tailoring Studio in your garrison just for bags if they can be made there?  Out of all of the possible profession buildings, engineering ends up at the bottom of my must have list.  I think this one will see the least amount of use just based on how the profession is set up.  It’s the only primary profession I can think of where many of the things that it makes can only be used by someone with the profession.  It may be good for those that want to build their own mounts and pets instead of buying them off the auction house.  I just don’t know if that’s enough of a reason to justify filling up one of my building spaces.

This is just what I’m thinking at the moment.  Maybe when we get a little more information on what we can expect from the different profession buildings, I’ll see the worth in having some that don’t seem quite as important right now.


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