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Orcs vs. Humans

Players that have been looking forward to the possibility of racially based garrison themes got some bad news last week on the official forums.  According to Bashiok:

We are incorporating some elements of other races into the individual Garrison buildings, but the themes are largely of Durotar and Elwynn.

This past Tuesday, a new Artcraft article was published which focused on the work that’s been done for garrisons.  And after reading the article, I find myself torn on the subject.

On one hand, Blizzard is putting a lot of work into the Durotar and Elwynn building styles.  If my count is correct, a garrison is going to have twenty-five different buildings that can be constructed.  My understanding is that each of these buildings is going to have three progression levels and that each of those levels is going to look different.  So they’re working on seventy-five different buildings for one faction; one hundred fifty in total.  One hundred fifty interiors and exteriors (if I’m understanding the article correctly) being done by WoW’s dungeon team.  If we were to get a set of buildings specific to each race in the game, that means Blizzard would need to design nine hundred seventy-five buildings.  And given the level of detail they were showing in the Artcraft article, I can definitely see why doing a building set for each race would come at the cost of a raid tier.

The Artcraft article does suggest that we will see “hints” of the other races in our garrisons:

We also thought it would be fun to throw in small hints of different races that might be associated with certain professions, such as draenei for Jewelcrafting or dwarves for Blacksmithing, to tie in the many races that give the World of Warcraft its depth and history.

This has potential, but I have a few concerns about it.  I don’t always see a good connection between some glasses and some professions.  Dwarves certainly have a connection to Blacksmithing in the game.  But is that connection enough to get a player to build a Blacksmithing building in the garrison of their dwarf Hunter?  And just how big of a hint are we talking about here?  If the images from the article are anything to go by, the hints are very subtle.  I believe the three pictures towards the end are supposed to be showing us the progression of the Jewelcrafting gallery.  And if that’s the case, I can’t say I see much of a draenei influence.  Is it the objects like the work table and the safe?  While they do look good, those just look like ordinary pieces of furniture to me.  I could picture those being used in either faction’s Jewelcrafting building.  There’s nothing really about them that makes me associate them with the draenei.  And while it works for some of the races, this approach isn’t going to work for all of them.  I think the biggest problem case would be the worgen.  If you look at their starting zone, there is a very noticeable style to it.  And I don’t really associate that style with any of the professions in the game.

Now granted, this is all based on what we’ve seen so far, which is very limited.  The Artcraft article focused mostly on the Alliance.  Perhaps if and when they come back to show us the Horde side of the picture we’ll see more noticeable race influences.


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