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Making a House a Home


On February fifth, the Warcraft twitter account asked the following question:

If you could add any one thing to your Garrison that would make it truly feel like “home” to your character, what would it be?

And they received a variety of responses.  One set of requests asked for specific functionality to be included at the Garrison.  Bank access was one.  Having profession trainers was another.  I think I can see where these suggestions were coming from.  Each expansion has had a central location where a large number of players set their hearthstone.  It was frequently the major city of the expansion, and a place where players could go to do all their upkeep work on their characters without having to return to a faction capital city.  Shattrath and Dalaran were our homes away from home before we were given garrisons.  I have to say that my favorite request that could fall into this category was for bookshelves.  It’s certainly possible that the person that requested it just wanted decorative shelves scattered about the various buildings of their garrison.  Personally, I think it would be a nice touch if we had a shelf where we could story copies of the various books that can be encountered in the game (although I think I’d go a little crazy if I had to repopulate the shelf in every character’s garrison separately).

The most common requests all seemed to be what I would describe as decorative in nature.  As far as I saw, no one asked for a full town make over like so many did at Blizzcon.  The suggestions were more personal.  Ways to display things they’ve acquired over the time they’ve spent in game.  Some, such as the ability to display our mounts in the Stable, have already been strongly hinted at by Blizzard.  Others, such as ways to show off some of the gear sets we’ve collected or the weapons we may have in Void Storage, we haven’t heard much about.  I have to say that I do rather like that idea.  I have quite a collection of staves in storage that I think would look rather nice hung above a fireplace mantel.

And yet, none of that would make the place feel like home to me.  My Warcraft home was my guild.  The place that saw my first sixty, seventy, eighty, eighty-five, and ninety.  The people I spent so much time in dungeons with (mostly because no one in their right mind should ever ask me to tank, but they still would).  The players I actually have traveled to meet in real life on occasion.  For me, that was all done on a character and server I don’t spend much time on anymore.  Things changed.  Some of the people I played with moved on.  I changed.  I grew tired of players that got their jollies from screwing around with my play time.  So even if Warlords brought some old friends back, I don’t know if I have it in me to go back and see them.  So to make my garrison a home, I’d want a reminder of those old days.  For me, that would be having my old guild as followers.  Given what we know about followers so far, I’m not sure that’s one hundred percent possible.  Most likely I’ll be able to find a way to recreate my old main from those days.  And maybe if I’m lucky I’ll be able to find some followers that will work for those that have moved on.  It would be nice to go home again.


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