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Mumper Garrison tweets Jan 18, 2014.

Wasn’t quite sure what I was going to cover this week.  Fortunately, Mr. Stockton has been very busy this morning.

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mumper 011814-02

mumper 011814-03

mumper 011814-04

mumper 011814-05

mumper 011814-06

mumper 011814-07

mumper 011814-08

mumper 011814-09

mumper 011814-10

mumper 011814-11

mumper 011814-12

Some interesting stuff in there.  As someone who’s main characters are usually human or orc, race specific garrison options haven’t been something I’ve really gotten excited about.  But a chance for my mage to turn his garrison into a Dalaran 2?  That would have my attention.  The Storehouse sounds like it is going to be a very important building to have for anyone that wants to turn their garrison into a material farm, even though it also sounds like we’d still be better off farming with a character than by leaving all the work to our followers.  Personally I’m a little sad that Hunter pets may not get the chance to be shown off.  Hopefully that may be something that they’d look to add further down the line if enough people wanted it.  Most of our followers being Draenor locals is understandable in some ways.  Kind of limits options if you want to have guild mates working in your garrison (unless you know a lot of orcs or draenei).  Being able to hearth or fly to our garrisons  I think is going to lead to an increase in the number of players moving house with every new content patch.  I imagine I’m not the only person glad to hear they’re not forgetting the alt problem character specific garrison progression can cause.  I just worry a bit about how progression will carry over between garrisons from different factions.  And I think I had a different idea in my head regarding how exactly monuments would work.  In a way it seems smaller than I expected.  Like we’re only going to be able to show off one monument, and it’s going to be attached to some of those mega, “do 25 different achievements to earn this one” achievements.  Still, it’s early yet.  I imagine things will change beta rolls around and we get closer to launch.

Which reminds me.  As always, information provided before launch is subject to change.  Word from on high is subject to change and is not written in stone.

And if he stops by and reads this:  Thank you Mr. Stockton for taking the time this morning to chat with your followers.


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