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A Building’s Worth


So, over the winter holiday break, there wasn’t a large amount of news regarding Warlords in general, let alone garrisons specifically.  It’s been starting to pick up more recently, but as expected with people celebrating the holidays, it was a bit of a dead zone for a few weeks there.  Except for a tweet Mumper sent out regarding battle pets.  It seems that the ability to upgrade a person’s pets to epic is, at best, not likely to be included in Warlords.  So what does this have to do with garrisons?  Well, the ability to “breed” epic quality pets was one of the possible abilities mentioned during the Q/A panel at Blizzcon for the Pet Stable building.  And while I’m not upset about this news as a pet battler (I wasn’t exactly looking forward to upgrading a couple hundred pets from blue to purple quality), I wonder if this change has killed the Pet Stables for garrisons.

Without epic pets, what does the Pet Stable continue to offer?  Pet quality upgrades may still be possible.  Breeding to upgrade a pet to rare quality could still be an option.  But if that happens, it feels like it would be the hardest way to go about it.  I can’t speak for every pet battler, but one of my bank alts has several full stacks of pet family specific rare battle stones (and a couple stacks of the general stones as well).  Even if Blizzard reduced the drop rate on battle stones in the future, I think it will take a while for players to use up any stockpile they have already.  Breeding to alter a pet’s base stats also remains a possibility.  But that I think will only appeal to the most involved pet battlers.  The kind of people that would love to change pet X because type Y gives the pet the best stats to use with pet ability Z.  If you’ve never given a thought to trying to optimize your pets before the Pet Stable gives you the ability to do so, I’m not sure it’s going to be a big enough reason to have the building.

Another possible feature of the Pet Stable is that it would be home for another pet trainer for players to battle.  In my mind, this may be the best bet at making the Pet Stable a must have for players.  Not so much for the daily(like most trainers) or weekly (like the Celestial Tournament) quest itself,  but for the possible rewards.  If the Pet Stable trainer is the only way in the game to get a handful of specific pets, then pet collectors will come.  But then the worth of having a Pet Stable only remains as long as a player hasn’t caught them all yet.  Blizzard would have to throw a handful of new pets into the reward bag with every major patch to the expansion to keep players from closing down the Pet Stable.

Right now, there’s still too much that we don’t know to make a call regarding the worth of the Pet Stable.  How many buildings of the same size will there be?  How many buildings of that size will we be able to accommodate in our garrisons at the same time?  What abilities and advantages will those other buildings offer?  When the announcements were made at Blizzcon, I was certain that I would need to find a spot for a Pet Stable in my garrison.  Now, I’m not so sure.

I suppose there’s always room in an alt’s garrison, right?


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