This Old Garrison

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The Incredible Journey.



An article written by Anne Stickney over on WoW Insider got me thinking about our current home in the game, or at least one of its occupants.  When I first heard about Dog, and the series of quests to obtain him, I thought it was a neat little addition to the farm.  I’ll even admit to checking on a daily basis after finishing up my dailies with the Tillers to see if I’d progressed enough to unlock the quest.  And while I think he was a little under used (I would have loved to have trained him to help me fight the various critters that occasionally pop up after tending my crops), I’m going to miss him if he gets left behind when we leave Pandaria.

But maybe we won’t leave Dog behind.  Maybe he’ll be able to come with us.  If it were up to me, I’d make Dog one of the first trophies we can collect for our garrisons.  No!  Not like that.  Lets be honest here.  He wandered around the place, and we could walk up to him and interact with him a little though various emotes, but lets talk in terms of game systems.  Basically, Dog was more or less a trophy for our farms.  An object we could see that told us we had completed the series of quests to get him.   So why not give us a new set of quests to get him from our old home to our new home?  If it were me, this is how I’d do it.

  1. Wrapping up the farm.  Ideally a brief quest or two added in to any pre-expansion patch/event.  We take some time to find someone in the Tillers to watch over the farm since we’re leaving.  I think it’d be a nice wrap up to the story that brought the farm into our possession in the first place.
  2. Dog gone!  At some point after we’ve gotten a start on our garrisons (I’m thinking after we’ve set up the Town Hall starting building), we get a letter from whoever we left in charge saying that Dog has gone missing.  This will let us open up the quest chain where we track Dog’s progress from the farm to the Dark Portal, where we encounter…
  3. The Day Dog Came.  Dang it, if I’m going to fantasize about writing a quest chain for Dog, I’m going all out.  We meet up with the three story tellers from The Day Deathwing came, and each of them has a story about how they helped get Dog through the Dark Portal, from the possible (giving Dog a ride on the motorcycle mount) to the ludicrous (a magically enhanced giant dog ripping through whatever Iron Horde forces may have been in the way).
  4. “Rescuing” Dog.  Once we cross into Draenor, we continue to search by contacting whatever new allies we’ve made.  We get sent in the direction of a cave where Dog may have been seen recently, and where we end up getting attacked by one of Draenor’s savage beasts.  At which point, Dog charges in to aid us.  Together we defeat the monster, and are reunited with the little guy that’s traveled across most of the world (of warcraft) to find us.

After which, we could find Dog lounging by the fire in the Town Hall of our garrisons.  At least, that’s how I’d do it.


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