This Old Garrison

Looking forward to our new "Home" in Azeroth. Regular updates on Saturday.

Dear Greatfather Winter,


I’ve been really good this past year.  I didn’t yell at anyone for not fighting near an objective in any battlegrounds.  I tried to follow instructions given by my par… er… raid leaders to the best of my ability.  And when I got duplicate pets drops on the Timeless Isle, I put them into my guild’s “up go for grabs” bank tab.   I do have some things in mind that I would really like to get.  And since they’re all related to garrisons, you can use the space for my present for others this season (see, thinking of others, I’m being so good).

My Winter Veil Wish List:

  • Appearance options for buildings.  I’ve seen a lot of my friends asking for this, and I can certainly see why they’d want it.  I mean, we’re heading to Draenor when the Draenei were at the peak of their society.  And so they’re going to build a garrison that looks like downtown Stormwind?  Now while I like human architecture, I wouldn’t mind maybe selecting different art styles for different buildings.  I mean, don’t the gnomes you have working for you in your toy shop work better when their engineering building reminds them of home?  I know your gnomes have been busy making lots of things look pretty for the next expansion.  I just kind of want as much control over how my home away from home looks as I do over how my gear appears.
  • Limited garrison pvp.  Doing pvp with garrisons is probably going to be tricky to begin with.  With limited deployment options, even the least popular zone in Draenor could have a couple dozen garrisons from both factions set up on it at the same time.  So I can’t see how it would work really well as part of world pvp efforts.  But as a battleground, it may be interesting.  It could be run like Strand of the Ancients, with each faction taking a turn in assaulting a garrison.  You could even allow for some map variety by having the garrisons used for the battle selected randomly from those designed by the players on the defensive team at the start of the round.  Maybe there could even be an achievement/title/ and monument that could be rewarded for successfully defending your garrison from an assault.
  • Cross faction followers.  The Shattered Sun Offensive.  The Argent Dawn.  The Guardians of Hyjal.  Throughout the history of Azeroth, there have been more than a few organizations that didn’t care if you were a member of the Horde or Alliance when it was time to fight a greater threat.  And it definitely sounds like we’re going to be facing a greater threat again.  So why should I limit myself to just one side or the other?  Let me pick the person that would be best for the job, and not just the best person that would talk to me based on the color of my tabard.

Thank you in advance for your my gifts, Greatfather Winter.  I do hope to see them “soon”.


Rob Voila

P.S.:  Even though you’re not bringing me anything this year, don’t worry.  I’ll still leave gingerbread cookies and milk out for you.


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