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The Daily Grind



Daily quests.  They’ve been a part of World of Warcraft since the Burning Crusade expansion.  We started off with a handful of them, tied only to a couple of factional groups that were added around the same time.  As we progressed through the expansions that have come out since then, daily quests have gotten a little out of control.  Instead of just one or two groups we have to worry about, now everyone we run into seems to have a list of chores ready and waiting for us to take care of (and that’s not even counting the groups that want nothing to do with us until we’ve done enough chores for their neighbors first).   In the immortal words of one Homer Simpson, “Can’t someone else do it?”.

Well, we are getting a group of followers willing to do our bidding next expansion.  Why can’t I have them run errands for my neighbors on my behalf?  I’m a busy guy.  I’ve got this whole Garrosh creating an alternative dimension time bubble as an attempt to conquer the world thing to deal with, and I’m sorry but I think that should take a little bit of priority over gathering fruit for your special family recipe pie today.  But I’ve got people here that I trust well enough to be sent into dungeons and raids on the hope that they’ll bring me back some nice loot.  So I’m fairly sure they’re more than capable of dealing with whatever poop job needs doing.  And I do mean part of that literally.  I’ve dug through enough animal waste for some guy that’s going to hand me an item I’ll probably never use to last me a life time.

I think the hard part for letting our garrisons and followers relieve some of the daily pressure is finding the right balance of what you ask the players to do personally versus what they can hand off to their followers.  I don’t think they can drop daily quests all together.  As much as I burned out on doing dailies across several characters, I still prefer them over grinding mobs for reputation.  If it were me, I think I’d like to see follower dailies tied into the reputation I have with the group that offers them.  It makes sense to me on a story level.  I’m out exploring Draenor, and I run across Faction X.  They’ve never heard of me before, so at best I may have a neutral level reputation with them.  I have to do the work myself to prove I’m both capable and trustworthy enough to do what they need done.  Eventually, I earn their trust, and I’m now Friendly with Faction X.  At which point, I can now introduce my followers.  I can have them go and do the dailies I worked on to get to Friendly rep, and I can worry about whatever new daily quests Faction X wants to throw at me to get to honored.  In the end, I’m could still be earning the same amount of rewards without having to do a ten or more quests each day with every faction I’ve run into.   I would go so far as to say I’d even be willing to take a “pay cut” for a system like the one I just described.  Make it so I have to split my rewards with my followers for their efforts.  I’m not doing the work myself anymore, so I shouldn’t get as much gold as I was when I was doing it all myself.  And if I’m in need of gold, I can spend the time this frees up doing dailies for a different group I ran into along the way.  The only problem I can think of right now is that some people may see this sort of thing as “forcing them to use garrisons”.  There would need to be some way for people to do all the dailies that are available for a faction in their preferred method.  Perhaps something as simple as going to the quest giver that handed out lower rep level quests and having that character ask if we’re ready to get to work, at which point we can choose if we want to give the job to our followers that day or to do it ourselves.  It’s something that the designers would have to be very careful to balance.

At Blizzcon, it sounded like the developers have heard that we’re getting a little burned out on daily quests, and that they’re looking for ways to keep that from happening.  And I think our garrison of followers would be a good way to help with that.


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