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So what do we know so far about Garrisons?


It seems like the best place to start a blog on a new feature would be to collect together all the info that was provided about it.  So I’ve gone back through the panel recordings from Blizzcon taking notes to try to piece together everything we’ve been told so far.

Before we start, I ask you to keep in mind that what has been revealed at Blizzcon may not be what we end up with when Warlords ships.  Some of what I’m going to be listing here was recorded from the power point slides.  Some were off the cuff responses to questions asked during the panels.  Just remember that if everything revealed at a Blizzcon panel was 100% guaranteed to appear, we could have taken the Path of the Titans to Dance Studios by now.

Source Key:  (ART) – Art of World of Warcraft.  (QA) – World of Warcraft Q + A About Almost Everything.  (RGQ) – World of Warcraft Raids, Gameplay, Questing, and More.  (WN) – World of Warcraft:  Warlords of Draenor – What’s Next.


  • Build your own base on Draenor (WN).
  • It exists in the world and you’ll be able to see it as you go past, as well as seamlessly enter and exit it (WN).
  • You’ll be able to invite friends into your garrison (WN).  Your friends won’t be able to visit your garrison while you’re offline (QA).
  • Customization options include what zone you want to place your garrison in (which can be changed), what buildings you want to build in your garrison, and where in your garrison you wish to place specific buildings (WN).  Places where Garrisons can be set up in zones will be pre-determined (RGQ).  By using pre-determined spots, they can make it look “super awesome” and have features of the zone built into the garrisons, such as having bodies of water running through them (QA).
  • Expands up to three tiers, unlocking more plots of land on which to build buildings (WN).  Build a building in all available plots to advance to the next tier  (RGQ).
  • Offline progression (WN).
  • Garrison Tier tool tip shows passive bonuses.  Example Tier 2 tool tip – “Follower Bonuses:  15% follower recovery time, 5% passive melee buff, 5% passive caster buff, 10% travel speed.  Building Bonuses:  15% garrison supplies, 10% ore gathering, 5% herb gathering”.  (RGQ).
  • Tier progression slides show possible number of total plots available per tier:  Rank 1 – 5 plots.  Rank 2 – 10 plots.  Rank 3 – 14 plots  (RGQ).
  • Garrisons will be using better phasing tech than the farm.  Players should be able to see landmarks of their garrison from across the zone, or at least well before they enter it  (RGQ).
  • Garrisons won’t be able to be attacked by other players.  Building a base for the sake of building a base is really cool.  Doesn’t need players to attack it to be cool (RGQ).
  • Assets used are for the Humans and Orcs from Vanilla WoW.  Art team tried to enhance the style and the character for them (ART).
  • Some props in the garrison will have specific race variants.  Racial based buildings are only a possibility for now, but something everyone would like (ART).
  • May be able to bring a 40 man raid’s worth of friends to visit your garrison (may have been a joke) (QA).
  • Garrisons are unique per character, not account wide.  They acknowledge that they need a solution to give a short cut for garrisons on alts (QA).


  • Each building has three levels.  The appearance of the buildings will upgrade as the building goes up in level (WN).
  • Each building gives bonuses.  Increasing the level of the building will improve the bonus the building provides.  There are bonuses for the player and for the followers in the player’s garrison  (WN).
  • Buildings can be specialized.  At third level, a building will give the player a choice of the benefit the building can provide  (WN).  Armory shown with three possible specializations.  Example from the Armory – “Striking Blade:  Grants the player a Critical Strike buff that persists through death for 4 hours.  Visit the Armory to gain this buff”.  Building specializations can be changed.  Maybe once a day, may have to pay a cost to change.  “Don’t want you to do it all the time, but want you to be able to without much trouble” (RGQ).
  • Buildings can be entered by the players.  The appearance improvements that occur as the building levels up will apply to the interior as well as the exterior (WN).
  • Building buildings will be as simple as dragging a building from a list of what’s available to an open plot of land in your garrison where it can be built  (WN).
  • There will be a currency cost to build buildings  (WN).
  • The look of your buildings will be determined by your faction  (WN).
  • Starting buildings:  Town Hall, Mine, Farm, Fishing Shack.  These buildings can’t be placed anywhere in your garrison.  There are specific spots where they will need to be placed (RGQ).
  • The Town Hall is your main building.  It’s where you go to interact with the people running your garrison and to send people on missions (RGQ).
  • Small Buildings:  Alchemy lab, Smithy, Enchanter’s study, Engineering works, Scribe’s office, Salvage yard, Storehouse, Tailoring Studio, Jewelcrafting gallery, The Tannery (RGQ).
  • All profession buildings will be small  (RGQ).
  • Medium Buildings:  Pet Stable, Trading Post, Lumber Mill, Barn, Inn  (RGQ).
  • You can recruit new followers from the Inn (RGQ).  There is a new unique follower available in the Inn every day.  Specialization of the Inn determines the spec of the follower available to recruit (tank/dps/healer) (WN).
  • The Inn will also have something to do with the Cooking profession  (WN).
  • The pet stable has a trainer for players to battle against  (RGQ).  Players can also get epic quality pets from the pet stable as well (QA).
  • Large Buildings:  Barracks, Infirmary, Armory, Stable, Academy, Mage Tower (RGQ).
  • Each of the Large buildings has a bonus (RGQ).
  • Barracks increases the number of followers you can have (RGQ).
  • Infirmary Tool tip:  Level 1 – Reduces followers Downtime by 5%.  Cost for level 2:  10,000 gold.  Level 2 – Reduces followers Downtime by 15%  (RGQ).
  • There are different ways to upgrade buildings.  Some you will just need to pay resources (gold and/or mats).  Some will upgrade through Blueprints dropped in the world.  Each building will tell you what you need and where to look for any special parts needed to upgrade it  (RGQ).
  • All profession buildings can have a follower.  Mine can have miners that can collect materials for you while you’re offline.  When you log back in, you can go to the mine to pick up what they’ve gotten for you.  Mine tool tip:  Working Followers – Generating 2 ore/hour.  Park another follower here to generate more ore  (RGQ).
  • Mine can generate ore nodes for the player to collect.  You may be able to mine in your mine along side follower miners that are mining  (RGQ).


  • Followers can be given names (WN).
  • There are many ways to get followers.  Possible examples included bribes and earning faction with them (WN).
  • Followers can be sent on missions where they can earn xp and level up.  They will level from 90 to 100 (WN).
  • There will be follower specific gear, which will allow a player to improve a follower’s ilevel.  A way to improve a follower after it’s hit the level cap (WN).
  • Followers have abilities and traits, including professions (WN).
  • Similar to the pet system introduced in Mists, Followers will come in different rarity levels, all the way up to epic (purple) followers) (WN).
  • Players will find followers that know a profession.  They can then build the building associated with that profession and assign the follower to that building.  Doing so will allow the player to send followers on missions to get recipes for that profession, which they can then make (RGQ).
  • Gameplay in the choice of how you want to use your followers.  Should they be working in the garrison to get things, or should they be sent out into the world on missions to level up and earn rewards  (RGQ)?
  • Followers do not complete content for you.  If you send followers to complete a mission in a dungeon or raid, they will not earn you the achievement for completing that dungeon or raid  (RGQ).
  • Trade skill followers will have a life.  If it’s raining on your garrison, they may be under nearby cover instead of standing out in the rain waiting for the players to poke them (ART).
  • May be able to pull in gear and names from alts for followers in your garrison  (QA).


  • There will be a wide variety of missions available (WN).
  • Players will need to pick the best follower to send on a mission (WN).
  • Missions can take a few hours or a few days for your followers to complete (WN).
  • Four different types of missions:  Quest (15-30 minutes, single follower), Scenario (2-3 hours), Dungeon (1-3 days, 5 followers), Raid (4-7 days) (RGQ).
  • Each mission displays a number of traits for the mission.  To have your followers to better at the mission, match the traits on the mission to the ability on your followers  (RGQ).
  • Mission difficulties are color coded just like the quests in your quest log (green easy, red difficult) (RGQ).


  • Gear for your character (WN).
  • Unique benefits from buildings (WN).
  • Limited access to professions a character may not have (WN).  Still working on what recipes players will be able to find through profession buildings.  Could be possible to find epics.  A matter of balancing buildings against someone who has the same profession, so that it’s still valuable for the player to have professions instead of relying solely on buildings (QA).
  • Monuments and Trophies for your garrison.  Monuments may be tied to achievements (example given was a big globe that could be placed somewhere for having completed an exploration achievement).  Trophies tied to things like killing rare mobs (example given was killing a rare chimera and being able to mount its head in your town hall) (WN).


  • Garrisons are a complex system to get to work on the PC, and the devs want to make it as good as it can be there.  So they aren’t working on a tablet or WoW Armory app version of garrisons.  It’s cool, and a dream for someday, but not yet (QA).
  • Brief mention of possible co-operative game play.  “Get some of your followers and your friends to do stuff”.  Not really expanded upon beyond that (QA).
  • Dance studio building on one of the power point slides during the con?  “Surely we would never troll our player base” (QA).
  • If players had complete freedom, they’d probably park their garrison directly on the front gate of raid content (QA).

I’ll be on the lookout for more news regarding garrisons as we go forward.  There’s probably already been things said somewhere that I haven’t found yet.  If you find any info I may have missed, let me know, and I’ll include it in a future post.


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