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Looking forward to our new "Home" in Azeroth. Regular updates on Saturday.

A follower that will be Legen- wait for it-

This week, Bashiok posted on the official forums about some of the content that Blizzard is working on for next year.  It sounds like there is going to be a … Continue reading

December 20, 2014 · 1 Comment


  As should probably be expected with a new expansion, we’ve seen a number of fixes applied to various parts of the game including garrisons.  Some have been good.  Others … Continue reading

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Gearing up.

As more and more of my followers reach the level cap, I’ve been starting to see more and more missions like the one pictured above popping up on my to … Continue reading

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It’s quiet. Too quiet.

  I’ve fallen into a rut. I log in at my garrison in the morning.  I collect the night shift’s completed work orders.  I make sure the production queues are … Continue reading

November 29, 2014 · 3 Comments

Resource starved

  Well, it’s been a week.  It had its ups and downs, including the servers.  Things seem to have settled down at the moment, so hopefully everyone has had a … Continue reading

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It’s here.

  The expansion is live!  Go!  Go now!  Choose buildings!  Recruit followers!  Send them on missions!  Go! Or on the off chance you’ve found your way here during a period … Continue reading

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Had a post all set to go to post before Blizzcon, and once again I was defeated by the publish timer.  Not that there was much to it.  It was … Continue reading

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